Vivobarefoot Opanka Review – A Soft Barefoot Slip On

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The Vivobarefoot Opanka is a women’s barefoot loafer made of the softest materials. Like all Vivobarefoot shoes, the Opanka is zero drop, flexible, and shaped like a human foot. Read my experience with these barefoot shoes below!

Vivobarefoot Opanka Review

Leather | Sizes US W 5.5-11.5/EU 35-43

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The Vivobarefoot Opanka is a barefoot loafer that is so soft it feels like a slipper. It is 3mm thick, made of a soft supple leather, and has a thin flexible sole: this is the first loafer we’re looking at that has excellent ground feel.

Currently you can get the Vivobarefoot Opanka in all black, shown here, and grey. Vivobarefoot changes their color offerings often, so depending on the time of year there might be other colors available.

The interior is also fully lined with a breathable and pliant leather that doesn’t make your feet sweat. I have worn these on long travel days with no regrets whatsoever, and no need to break them in. They’re just really comfortable!

There is a piece of elastic on the inside that gives some people with high arches trouble. It’s meant to help the shoe keep its shape, but makes for a smaller opening to put your foot through. I know of several people who simply cut it out, but I appreciate the elastic on my low volume feet.

Sizing & Fit

To learn more about foot volume, shape, and width make sure you check out my post on Foot Types!

Sizing: Like all closed toed shoes I get from Vivobarefoot, I am wearing a size 37 in the Opanka. It fits just right, with enough space in front of my toes and just enough width to keep me from sliding around. No sizing surprises here.

Volume: The Opanka fits a low to medium volume foot best. That means if you have shallow to average arch height you will likely feel good in these. There is an elastic piece on the inside that some people with high volume feet cut to get more room, but in general it’s not a good choice if you have high arches. Samantha, my high volume foot model, couldn’t even fit her foot inside!

Fit Type: Unlike most Vivobarefoot shoes, the Opanka is longest at the second toe and fits a Mountain shaped foot best. It should also work great for Sloped feet (prominent big toe), and even some Plateau shaped feet (when first 3 toes are all the same length). If this is gibberish to you, make sure you check out my post on the different foot types!

Width: The width of the Vivobarefoot Opanka is average to wide. It fits my wide toes just fine because of how soft and forgiving the leather is, but I do fill up the whole toe box. Extra wide toes likely will not fit well into the Opanka.

Same Shoe, Different Foot

Like I mentioned before, my usual shoe tester Samantha couldn’t even get her extra wide, high volume feet inside the Vivobarefoot Opanka. But luckily there were a few Anya’s Reviews readers who also have Opankas that were willing to share their feedback.

First up we have Yaena who has medium volume and medium width feet. She absolutely loves her Opankas and has 8 pairs!! You can see below they look like a perfect fit on her feet.

Next up is Tracy. She also has medium volume, medium width feet. Like me, she wears her Opankas on travel days and finds them extremely comfortable. Note that the model she is wearing is an older one. The current grey Opankas are not two-toned like these.

Tracy also fits into the Lisbeth Joe London well. But, as expected, the Opanka’s fit her snugly while the London’s are more loose.

The Vivobarefoot Opanka is a favorite among many barefoot shoe wearers, but they definitely work best for average width and average volume feet.


You can order the Vivobarefoot Opanka from just about anywhere in the world. At full price they are $145, but you can get 10% off most Vivobarefoot websites with code ANYA20 for 20% off. Vivobarefoot offers a 100-day return policy, even on worn shoes. In the US and UK those returns are free! Worn shoes that get returned end up on Revivo.

Click here to find your nearest Vivobarefoot retailer


One of the best things about the Vivobarefoot Opanka is that they can be dressed up or worn casually. Work shoes that feel like house slippers? Sign me up! My go-to for outfit inspiration is Pinterest. Just type in “loafers outfits” and you can find tons of ideas!

Other Barefoot Loafers

I love loafers. But because they have no straps or buckles fit is very important! Especially when you care about your feet as much as we do. For a quick comparison of the Vivobarefoot Opanka to 4 other barefoot loafer styles, check out the external measurements below.

The Lisbeth Joe London, the Zeazoo Cheetah, the FeetSutra Khussa, and the Vivobarefoot Opanka

Click here for a full list of barefoot loafer styles, with links to my reviews of the others shown here!


Since it’s debut in the barefoot shoe world, the Opanka has been a fan favorite among barefoot shoe wearers. As someone with really shallow feet, it’s hard to find a slip on that doesn’t swallow my foot whole, so I’ve been pretty stoked about them as well!

For more, check out my review of the Vivobarefoot Opanka on YouTube. And don’t forget, the code ANYA20 for 20% off get you 10% off any Vivobarefoot purchase.

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18 thoughts on “Vivobarefoot Opanka Review – A Soft Barefoot Slip On”

  1. I got the mens ababa II in 9, i thought maybe i have an extra wide foot. I honestly don’t know for my length if me feet are extra wide or just wide or medium wide. My measurements are 26.4 cm long and 10.3cm wide. The Vivo surefit says i should get mens 10 or women 11.5 but I’m worried they would be too big. My question is what size do you think i should order in Opanka and Fulhom, is size 37 what surefit recommends for you?

    1. To be honest with you I haven’t used the Surefit guide from Vivo. It’s a newer feature and I’m already familiar with how Vivo shoes fit (but thank you for the reminder, I need to try it so I know how it works!). Just based on what I know of those shoes, I think that wearing one size up from the Ababa is not unreasonable. I’m the same size in both, but the Ababas are much roomier in width and volume. Do you have a high arch? That would be one reason to go with one size up from the Ababa. Based off your measurement I would say you’re wide but not extra wide. It’s subjective, but this is my experience after dealing with lots of feet. For the Fulhams I wouldn’t size up in them. You should be the same as you are in the Ababa.

  2. Dear Anya,
    Do you suppose these loafers stretch out a little? They seem tight just below where toes start. Can not figure out if cutting the elastic will do the trick. Or if I should just return them. Otherwise extremely comfortable.

    1. Hi there! If the elastic isn’t bothering you and it’s just the leather is a little tight then yes I think they will stretch. It’s gentle leather, so I would be careful, but you can stuff the toe box with a sock to put a little pressure on the tight area.

  3. Hi Anya,
    I just got some Opankas and love them. Just not sure about sizing. I wear a 42 in my other Vivos. At first I thought the Opankas were much smaller (they look smaller on the outside) but inside the feel similar toy Gobis. In the 42s I have about a thumbs width of space at the front and my feet don’t slide around. However my little toe us against the outside edge. In the 43 I have more than a thumbs width at the front and all my toes have a lot of space but they feel a little loose when I walk and my feet slide a little. This is the same with and without socks. Struggling to know which to go for! Any advice would be welcome.

    1. Personally, in a shoe that soft and flexible a pinkie toe just touching the side wouldn’t bother me. If they feel good walking around the house and your toes aren’t restricted, then I would say go with them! If you like the space in the 43 better you could try adding an insole to it so your feet don’t slide. I will take one out of another pair of Vivos sometimes and move it to a new pair of shoes.

  4. Word of warning … Just received a pair of these in men’s size, UK8. I have to say they are by far the narrowest Vivobarefoot shoes I have ever seen. They look great but are a good 2cm narrower than any other Vivos I own. I’ll happily post a picture if allowed.

    1. The whole shoe is very soft, but the sole is quite thin and there is no cushion. Some Vivobarefoot shoes can feel a little hard, especially the ones that have tread on the soles. But these might also feel hard on hard ground because the sole is so thin.

  5. Hi Anya, have you tried the sneaker version of the Vivo Opankas? Wondering if fit and sizing is similar to the loafers.
    Many thanks for a great blog 🤩

    1. I do have a pair of the sneakers! They felt a tiny bit more structured than the loafers the first time I wore them, but they broke in quickly. They are by all accounts the same, just have laces.

    1. These aren’t specifically designed to be step in, but I can get my foot fully inside without using my hands. If it’s for mobility reasons, I would recommend a shoe horn that you can use to keep the heel of your shoe open while standing so you can step in.

  6. Hi Anya love your website !
    Do you have a discount code currently please for vivobarefoot sandals?

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