Seminal Resources for Understanding the Barefoot Movement

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Are you new to barefoot shoes? Below are some resources to get you started. Be sure to check out my Best Minimalist Shoes for Beginners post too!

*If you’d like to hear how I came into barefoot shoes, read this post*

Barefoot Resources

  • Shoespiracy – This 4 minute documentary by Vivobarefoot does a great job of introducing the issue (scroll to the bottom of the page for the video).
  • Whole Body Barefoot – I think this book is the best place to start if you’re serious, because it explains the “why” of barefoot shoes in the context of our modern day lives. Many people get excited about barefoot running and jump in only to injure themselves! Understanding that it’s a whole body change is really important.
  • Born To Run – The spark that ignited the barefoot movement! Excellent read to get you motivated, but best paired with Whole Body Barefoot if you’re looking to try it out yourself.
  • What are the Benefits of Barefoot Shoes? – An outline of what to look for in a healthy shoe and why it’s important.
  • University of Sydney Foot Development Study

Barefoot Podiatrists

The following podiatrists offer education and personal consultations to help you on your foot health journey

Natural Movement Practitioners

The following movement specialists can help you pin point dysfunctional movement patterns and relearn fundamental skills.

Other Informative Resources

Want to dig deeper? Here is an extensive list of places you can get even more information.

Online communities & Accounts to Follow


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4 thoughts on “Seminal Resources for Understanding the Barefoot Movement”

  1. Bonjour,
    Je suis sujette à me déséquilibrer dès que j’ai de l’épaisseur sous mes pieds !!
    Ce n’est pas simple à gérer
    Je fais appel à vos bons conseils pour m’orienter !!
    Merci d’avance et à bientôt

  2. Hi Anya!
    Thank you for all your reviews and resources! I looove being bare foot and am so glad to find well-researched shoes that support that! One things I’m looking for guidance on (and maybe I’ve just missed it) is foot care- my feet and toes get so dry and sometimes my heals crack. I use a nail brush, exfoliating brush, and lotion, but how can I keep my nail beds and skin from drying out? Thank you!!

    1. Great question! I am going to get an answer added to my Barefoot Shoes FAQ soon for the future, but what I can tell you now is that it’s best to save exfoliation for trouble areas and avoid removing calluses when possible. Definitely if a crack is forming it’s good to shave it down (I use a natural pumice stone after soaking my feet in hot water) and then I moisturize at night before bed. You can also put socks on after applying moisturizer to help it soak in instead of getting rubbed off on the ground or your sheets. Personally I love Cetaphil lotion on my feet. You can apply it liberally every night and let it absorb as you sleep.

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