Be Lenka Barefoot Boots Review – The Complete Winter 2023 Collection

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A collage of different Be Lenka barefoot winter boots modeled by Anya for a review

When it comes to practical barefoot winter boots, Be Lenka Barefoot has the most comprehensive collection available. From waterproof snow boots, to hiking, to stylish & dressy, you can find it all with a wide toe box and slip resistant outsole. Here is my review of the Be Lenka Barefoot Boot 2023 Collection.

Be Lenka Barefoot Boots Review

a woman standing outside among trees with snow falling wearing Be Lenka barefoot winter boots Bliss

This fall and winter I’ve been taking my Be Lenka winter boots outdoors on hikes, walks, and around town to see how they held up in all sorts of conditions (I might have the best job in the world).

I’ve reviewed Be Lenka barefoot shoes many times times over the years, they are one of my enduring favorite barefoot shoe brands. So here are the main things you need to know about their winter boot collection.

  • The soles are zero drop and thin (close to 1cm with insoles) but the lugs and the stiffness of the rubber make them feel more structured than other barefoot boots on the market. This is a compromise between durability/functionality and barefoot features. For many people (like me!) it’s a lifesaver because of their climate, but if flexibility and ground feel is your top priority you should look elsewhere.
  • They tend to fit short so sizing up a half size or more is usually best.
  • The warmth varies by model.
  • The quality is consistently great. πŸ‘
  • Treating all of them with a spray such as Carbon Pro will protect the leather from wear and increase the water resistance.

Ordering Be Lenka Winter Boots

A close up of the soles of a pair of Be Lenka barefoot winter boots to show the lugs and foot shape

Be Lenka is a European brand that ships worldwide. They only accept returns on EU and US orders, so keep that in mind if you live elsewhere.

Because I love Be Lenka shoes so much, we carry almost their entire winter collection over at Anya’s Shop (USA)! And we also have a section of Discounted Be Lenka shoes that include more models than what we typically carry. So you have multiple buying options depending on where you live.

For this winter season the Rangers, Charlotte, Olympus, and Snowfox Kids will be restocked. The rest of the boot collection unfortunately will not be restocked this winter.

Sizing & Fit

I’ll share specific sizing advice for each Be Lenka boot model later in this review, but here are the general guidelines.

  • Runs slightly small (especially the sheepskin/wool models feel snug)
  • Extra wide toe box
  • Most models have a square shape (see below for more info)
  • Medium volume typically, but some fit higher or lower
  • Because of the walled outsole they don’t stretch very much in the toe box.

You can learn more about the different foot types here!

Be Lenka Boot Soles Explained

A close up of the Be Lenka barefoot boot outsole shapes and materials
  • All but two of Be Lenka’s winter boots are made on the sole you see on the far left that is slip resistant and has deep tread.
  • The middle sole is found on the Entice and has the same shape and slip resistance but not as deep tread.
  • The right sole is found on the Charlotte and has a more feminine shape with a sloped toe box and a narrower heel. There is also tread and grip on this outsole.

Now let’s get to my review of each Be Lenka barefoot boot model that is available this winter!


Leather + Fleece Lining | Sizes EU 36-43 | Water Resistant | Removable Insole

I’m starting off with my personal favorite Be Lenka barefoot winter boot this year, and that is the Bliss. It has a waterproof lining, water resistant leather upper, and a slip resistant outsole making them a practical winter shoe option. But they’re also really adorable!

The fuzzy tongue and lacing pattern make them look like upscale boots, but also serves a practical purpose – the fully expandable tongue is adjustable for low and high volume feet. The lining is a medium thick fleece which keeps your feet moderately warm, but I found that without an extra insole and/or leg warmers my feet got cold if it was around or below freezing.

The fleecy tongue is not waterproof, so water can come in there if it gets soaked or you step in a deep puddle. I used mine in snow and it never came through, but probably would if it was warm enough. In order to make them as waterproof as possible I sprayed mine with Carbon Pro before taking them out. After a week in snowy Utah over the winter break I need to reapply the treatment!

Bliss Sizing & Fit Type:

These run the most true to size of all Be Lenka’s boots this year, but I sized up to a 38 still so I could wear warm socks and an extra insole. They fit low to high volume because of the highly adjustable laces.


Leather + Leather Lining | Sizes EU 36-43 | Mildly Water Resistant

The Nevada has a rugged design that lends itself well to casual wear as well as hiking and light work (triple duty!). These boots are lined with high quality leather, which becomes soft and supple as it breaks in. I like them for style, but they’re also very functional.

Because they don’t have a warm lining, these work the best as a year round shoe. The leather upper is treated to be water resistant, but I would recommend reapplying a waterproofing spray every so often to keep it effective.

Some of the Nevada models say Neo in the title – all this means is that variation was produced in a different facility. They are the same boot! This is true for all the models that say Neo in the title.

Nevada Sizing & Fit Type:

These run small. I sized up to a 38 and they fit just right for an unlined boot with enough space for medium weight socks (but not extra thick socks or an insole).


A collage showing different angles of the Be Lenka Charlotte barefoot riding boot

Leather + Fleece Lining | Sizes EU 36-43 | Not Water Resistant

The Charlotte is a new tall boot from Be Lenka that is going to eventually replace the Sierra riding boot. They are built on the newest Be Lenka sole that has a sloped shape and wide toe box (less square than Be Lenka’s other boots).

The outsole has deep tread which give the Charlotte a sportier look. The textured back elastic also dresses them down a bit from the original Sierra boot. Personally I feel like the elastic is too much with the contrasting brown color, but looks ok with black. But the leather is shiny and beautiful, and the fleece lining makes them cozy.

A collage of a woman wearing Be Lenka Charlotte barefoot riding boots from different angles

Charlotte Sizing & Fit Type:

While I like the sole shape of these boots quite a lot, they run small so unfortunately mine don’t fit (I really should have known and just gotten a 38 from the get go!). I normally wear a 37/38 in boots and got a 37 in the Charlotte for a dressier fit – my toes are all the way up to the front even when barefoot! They fit the way I would expect a size 36 or 36.5 to fit.

I would say they still fit an average calf width best, but the elastic does have some stretch to it.


Leather + Sheepskin Lining | Sizes EU 36-43 | Not Water Resistant

The Polaris is a pull on boot with a thick sheepskin lining making these the warmest Be Lenka winter boot option. I have been wearing mine in temperatures as low as -15* F without issue. Because the upper is nubuck it is more prone to damage, so definitely treat if using them as an outdoor winter boot.

Because they are a pull-on style you want to make sure that they fit well around your ankle and aren’t floppy. Especially because the sole is on the heftier side, they can drag if too loose. So if you have narrow heels, thin ankles, and/or low volume feet I would recommend wearing a leg warmer with these boots.

Polaris Sizing & Fit Type:

The lining is thick and plush, so I sized up to a 38 in these as well. They feel snug when I wear thick socks, but not uncomfortable and my toes have plenty of space.

Ranger 2.0

Leather + Fleece Lining | Sizes EU 36-47 | Water Resistant

The Ranger has the functionality of a hiking boot, but also can be worn casually. I wear mine solely for hiking and they are one of my favorite barefoot hiking boots ever, but Ian (warehouse manager for Anya’s Shop) wears his as an everyday fall/winter boot.

A man standing in his entry way wearing a coat and brown Be Lenka Ranger barefoot boots

The durability is great, both in the upper and in the sole and the lining is just warm enough that I’m able to wear them almost year round (I live in a cold climate, so usually need something warmer for winter hiking).

Ranger 2.0 Sizing & Fit Type:

The Ranger has an expandable tongue so they fit all foot volumes. They run a little short, so I’d recommend sizing up a half or full size (especially if you plan to wear warm socks).


Leather + Fleece Lining | Sizes EU 36-43 | Not Water Resistant

The Entice is a barefoot chelsea boot with a fleece lining. They are built on a sole shaped like the other Be Lenka boots but with slightly shallower tread. They still are slip resistant and sturdy, so make a decent light work boot as well as a stylish chelsea boot.

The Entice is a favorite for extra wide footed friends who still want to wear fashionable boots. They can even be dressed up!

Entice Sizing & Fit Type:

My toes run into the front of the boot in a size 37 (which I often get in chelsea boots), so I also sized up to a 38 in the Entice. They fit medium volume over the arch and around the ankle and aren’t ideal for high volume feet. Because I have low volume feet I use a tongue pad in the upper so my ankle doesn’t flop around.

Winter 2.0

Leather + Wool Lining | Sizes EU 36-47 | Water Resistant

The Winter 2.0 has a wool lining and is the second warmest Be Lenka barefoot boot option. But they are also highly water resistant, so they make a good snow and winter hiking boot. I’ve been wearing the Be Lenka Winter ever since it first came out in 2019 and they are a great combination of warmth, comfort, and functionality.

Because the water resistance comes from an inner membrane, I recommend protecting them with a waterproofing agent so that the leather upper stays nice. They also come in a variety of colors and I feel they can be dressed up a little – especially with masculine work wear.

Winter 2.0 Sizing & Fit Type:

The Winter 2.0 fits small and low volume over the top of the foot. I recommend sizing up one, and maybe even two if you have high volume feet. They often feel snug for people over the toes and arch because they are low volume.


Leather + Fleece Lining | Sizes EU 36-47 | Not Water Resistant

This is the one Be Lenka winter boot I don’t have! It has a side zipper for easy on/off and is lined with fleece for a little warmth. The style lends itself more to casual wear but you might get away with dressing it up a bit.

Mika, in my Barefoot Style Facebook group, shared her review of them with us:

“Initially, I thought they seemed more masculine than feminine, but I think they can also be worn nicely as unisex shoes. I have a very narrow ankle, a low volume feet with a low instep, which means they fit my foot beautifully and don’t stand out at all. There is a zipper on the side, so I would recommend them for dry conditions. I ordered my regular size, as I wear with other Be Lenkas, but if you want to wear them with a thick sock, order a larger size which fits better. Overall feeling very good.

After wearing them for a while, the leather loosens up and they fit the foot beautifully. They do have good traction but for slippery conditions and wet smooth surfaces I would not recommend them. The zipper needs to be handled gently otherwise it could be damaged by forceful handling. I can only confirm that even for longer walks they are comfortable (in the future I plan to try with merino insoles) and suitable primarily for spring or autumn season where you can combine them with different stylish outfits.”

Kids Snowfox

A close up of a child standing in snow wearing Be Lenka Snowfix kids barefoot winter boots

Textile + Wool | Sizes EU 25-35 | Waterproof

The Kids Snowfox is an excellent boot that my son has been using as his snow shoe the last couple years. The laces are a little long, but we love everything else about them. They are warm, waterproof, easy to get on and adjust, and they have a nice wide toe box and flexible sole. Really they’re one of the only true barefoot snow boots for kids.

Learn more about the Snowfox and other kids’ models in our Be Lenka Kids review.


Every year Be Lenka Barefoot releases new models and makes updates to old favorites. You can subscribe to my e-mail list to stay informed with weekly mini reviews, and barefoot shoe tips!

A woman at Goblin Valley park in Utah climbing red rock wearing Be Lenka Bliss brown barefoot winter boots

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31 thoughts on “Be Lenka Barefoot Boots Review – The Complete Winter 2023 Collection”

  1. I ordered the Charlotte (38) and they were way too small for me too, even with measuring my foot against their guide. They were so crunched that I went up 2 sizes and ordered the 40’s. I hope they’re not so big that I end up also ordering the 39’s, haha. Interestingly, on the box is says it is a EU size 38 but a US size 6.5. I’ve never seen a 38 also sized as a 6.5. I wondered if maybe that was part of the issue but I did use their size guide for that shoe so I don’t know. Hope the 40’s work!

  2. Definitely agree on sizing up two or more! I had the same issue as Sarah but with the Winter. Went with a 40 over the usual 39 and they were too tight in the toes. I saw it compared to a US 7 and I wear a 8 or 8.5. Returned for a 42 and the fit is good, though they look large to my eye.

    1. I came to this page based on my physical therapist’s recommendations but also sad to see no vegan options. They all look and sound great.

    1. They are different beasts. The Entice has more of a structured sole, and fits lower over the foot. They are really wide, but because they fit lower volume some people complain that they feel tight over the toes. I would say the Entice has a more durable outsole, and that they are wider in the toe box. The Lems have more internal space, which can feel nice. And they are softer, particularly in the heel (where I am quite sensitive). Ultimately I found the Lems overall more comfortable, but I prefer the thinner sole on the Entice.

  3. My kids have been using the new model of Be Lenka snow fox the last week, and even after an hour in the snow their feet are getting wet and the inside is soaked. Did you have that issue with the earlier model?

    1. Never! My son wore them nearly every day all winter last year, and then the 2.0 version every day this year. Lots of snow play. I wonder if it’s coming in through the top?? I mean, kids… πŸ˜† Of course it’s possible you got a dud, but since it’s happening to both of your kids that seems unlikely.

  4. Thanks for the review. One question I am left with: can you get replacement insoles? I own and love the Winter boot with wool lining (14 months of daily wear). I tend to wear out my socks and insoles of my barefoot shoes in the heel area. The rest of the shoe is in good if not great shape and has a ton of life left in the boots as long as I can get insoles replaced. I waited a long time for a wool lined boot vs a synthetic fleece lining to keep my feet warm (and dry) when working in refrigeration.

    1. Yes! Be Lenka sells insoles individually, so you can replace them if needed. You can also get your own insoles, but it’s nice to get it directly from the brand because you know it will fit perfectly inside.

  5. The Charlotte… interesting. Be Lemka claims this is a medium water resistant boot but I noticed the review here says not water resistant. Is this just because of the elastic gusset? I’m frequently in deep snow in the winter so I’m looking for a boot that can go indoor/outdoor for trips to the car (but not a hike). With the fleece lining, I’m not sure I could wear these indoors comfortably for long like a full day at the office or out in public. I’m also very concerned with Be Lenka’s sizing after the comments here and their charts and customer reviews. Their site says the elastic can stretch as much as 20%, which would be almost 3 inches in my size range (!) though I’m skeptical after reviews on the Sierra (which has less elastic). I contacted Be Lenka about the shaft height, which they say is 39cm. That seems a bit tall for many, potentially causing discomfort behind the when the leg is bent (as in sitting). And their other shoes have given me pause about ordering (Eazy is perfect unless my leader toes straighten more, Sophie puts me in a larger sizes for width but then the length would be more than 0.5″ greater than my longest measurement, and this Charlotte would put me at one size up but the calf width and reviews concern me). What to do, what to do…?

    1. I didn’t realize the leather had been treated to be water resistant, but the elastic is not. So it would be an issue in deep snow. But if it’s just a short jaunt in deep snow to your car, I don’t think it would be a problem.

      For sizing, it’s hard to say. The elastic is stretchy, but not as much at the top. So I don’t consider them to be as wide fitting as they seem to think they are. I would still err on the larger side just for your feet. Are you in the US or Canada? We have quite a few Charlotte boots on sale at Anya’s Shop with free shipping/returns.

      1. Thanks. I’m in the US and drooling over your inventory noe. Nervous more about that potential lack of stretch at the top of the Charlottes now… Maybe I’m just not destined to get another pair of Be Lenkas until they sort their sizes better… Frustrated but you have lots of other other styles.

  6. Has anyone tried to use a boot band zip-in calf width expander with Charlotte? That curved bottom of the zipper looks tricky.

    1. Wanted to report back that I bought the Charlotte and the zipper doesn’t actually curves as it appears in some photos so the boot and should work. I have wide calves and these (barely) stretch to fit up to 20% as their site claims so I’m thrilled! I did have the most concern at the ankle as it was a tight squeeze but I’m hoping the leather will stretch and relax a bit (and that I slim down).

  7. You give the size you wear for most of the shoes in this post, but not the Ranger 2.0 or Winter 2.0. Could you say what size specifically fits you for those? I am just trying to compare the different Belenkas to each other, to figure out how much I should size up in each style. Thanks πŸ™‚

    1. I have a size 38 in both the Ranger 2.0 and Winter 2.0. The Winter 2.0 I almost could go 39, but I feel it would just be too much shoe and heavier than I want. So I stick with the 38 but can’t wear thick socks with them.

  8. Wish I would have seen this review before I ordered! I’ll be spending the price for a pair of new shoes if I return and order again/exchange due to all of the shipping charges.

    I ordered a pair of be lenka sneakers at size 37 and they fit absolutely perfect. The size 37 boots I got feel about 2-3 sizes too small, makes no sense. I think I’ll just return and try my luck with a brand with more consistency in their sizing. Bummer because they are really cute!

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Hi. I'm Anya.

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