The Most Comfortable Huaraches That Don’t Squish Your Toes – Now Available!

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A top down view of Origo Huaraches by Anya in a barefoot wide toe box shape in sandal and slip on version in 4 colors spread out on the ground

Ever since barefoot shoes and stronger feet kicked my chronic pain to the curb, I’ve been on a mission to spread the word. Why can’t more shoes reflect the natural shape and function of the foot? That mission led me to develop a new version of a shoe close to my heart – the traditional Mexican huarache!

Origo Shoes and I have been working together the past year to bring you a new take on an old tradition. We are thrilled to announce that the Huarache by Anya is now available – same classic style but they won’t pinch your toes!

The huaraches will be restocked frequently in small batches! That means if your size is sold out all you need to do is register for restock notifications and wait for the next batch.

I Couldn’t Find Comfortable Huaraches

A pair of tan woven leather huarache slip ons designed by Anya. They are unworn, leaning against a rusted metal pole and a narrow cement wall. One shoe is flat the other is leaned up to show the Toe box shape which is wide
Upgraded huaraches with a natural shape.

Huarache sandals are one of my favorite styles, but the pointy narrow shape always hurt my feet! My half-Mexican mom also loves traditional huaraches, but with bunions they were uncomfortable for her too. We used to blame our feet, but then I thought “why not change the shoe?”

Since then I’ve made it my life’s work to find comfortable alternatives to shoes that hurt. So for the past few years I’ve been on the hunt for craftspeople who would be interested in reimagining this traditional shoe with a natural foot shape. I wanted huaraches that actually fit wide feet!

That search led me to Diego and Cristina, a Colombian husband and wife duo who founded Origo shoes – a brand built on the same ideals as Anya’s Reviews!

A portrait of Diego and Cristina, founders of Origo Shoes
Diego & Cristina

We combined forces and began the process of prototypes and planning so that we all can enjoy this beautiful style without our toes being squished. After a year of working with local Mexican artisans and weavers we now have beautiful foot-shaped huarache sandals for you!

A Little Huarache History – The woven huarache (wa-ra-chay) design is indigenous to Mexico and born from Aztec culture. Hundred of years ago they were worn as a work shoe by farmers because they can be repaired repeatedly and are breathable for long hot days!

The Huarache by Anya

two straight lines of Origo Huaraches by Anya barefoot sandals and slip ons in leather in 4 colors - white, black, brown, and tan

$110 | Available in two widths in sizes US women’s 6- men’s 13 | Leather | 8mm Stack Height

Use code ANYA for 10% off your purchase.

Our huaraches are made in the traditional way in Michoacán, Mexico – but with a few upgrades! Instead of a pointy, narrow toe they have a natural shape to them with space for the feet to spread out. Plus, a lighter and more flexible sole than is typically used.

The shoes are entirely made of leather with a flexible rubber outsole on the bottom. All the leather is vegetable tanned and chrome free so you can safely wear them on bare feet. The flexible 3mm outsole is made of natural rubber with texture for grip. Elegant simplicity.

Sandal Version With Buckle

The sandal variation of these huaraches has a buckle strap that keeps the foot securely in place, making them adjustable for a variety of foot types – these ones fit my low volume feet and narrow heels best! The Huarache Sandals comes in black, cinnamon, tan and white in sizes US women’s 6-11.5.

One person standing in a line up of 3 pairs of shoes, wearing the middle pair. The wide legs are showing off the Reddish Brown leather Sandal Huaraches by Anya. The black sandals are on the left, and the tan are on the right. All pairs have adjustable ankle straps and anatomical toe boxes

I wear mine on the tightest buckle and gave them many miles of testing all over European cobble stones. They are incredibly comfortable! If you also have low volume feet and/or narrow heels, this might be be a more secure fit than the slip-on.

Slip-On Version

The most traditional version of the huarache – the slip-on – comes in two widths and the full range of sizes for both men and women! This shoe can be worn during spring, summer, & fall with everything from shorts & jeans to dresses.

A side by side collage of a woman's feet and legs wearing slip-on Origo barefoot Huaraches by Anya in white - the left image showing them with a tie and the right showing without the tie
With ankle tie (left), without ankle tie (right)

Because slip-ons can be a little harder to fit, and we believe a good fit is important for healthy walking, we have provided an optional ankle tie in the regular width. You can wear it with the tie for extra security so the huaraches don’t slip off your heel, or you can remove the tie and wear them as a true slip-on. You can also add a heel grip to the back for a more tailored fit (this is what I do!).

The Huarache Wide Slip-On

Two pairs of feet standing side by side on wood floor, each wearing one Origo Huaraches by Anya barefoot slip-on shoes with the other foot bare to show the difference between the regular and wide width
Regular Huaraches (left), Wide Huaraches (right)

The wide version of the Huarache slip-on has an overall roomier fit than the regular version and comes in larger sizes, so is better suited for wider, higher volume and larger feet. This model also has a few extra leather pieces woven in so it covers a little more of the foot on the top and the sides than the regular, and it comes with the optional ankle strap. You can find the wide slip-on huaraches in black, tan, cinnamon, and white! Let’s dig a little deeper into the sizing and fit for each of these models.

Huarache Sizing & Fit

The two Huaraches widths each have a unique fit.

Regular Huaraches

Top down view of a woman with wide feet wearing 1 Origo Huaraches by Anya Sandal in Reddish brown woven leather and one bare foot to show the anatomical toe box

The regular Huarache by Anya is available in the Huarache Sandal and Slip-on in sizes US women’s 6-11.5, and fits as follows:

That means these shoes should fit both average and some wide feet well.

Wide Huaraches

A top down view of a man's foot wearing wide Origo men's barefoot huaraches with one shoe on and one shoe off to show that it follows the natural shape of the foot

The wide version of the Huaraches by Anya is available in the Slip-on style in sizes US women’s 6.5 – men’s 13 and fits as follows:

  • Mostly true to size, but slightly big overall
  • Wide to extra wide
  • Medium to high volume

The Huaraches in wide are wider in the toe box, slightly longer and higher volume compared to the regular width. This means that this version is best for thick, wide, and high volume feet.

See below a size chart for exact dimensions of both versions!

The Origo Huarache Wide size chart detailing the length and width of the wide huarache slip on line

Why are they so snug?

Like in traditional huaraches, the leather will mold to your feet as you wear them so it’s ok if they feel snug when brand new. Because of this stretching and molding of the leather many people with extra wide feet will able to get a good fit as well! If you have low volume feet and narrow heels the sandal variation with the buckle will likely be the best option.

I am able to wear a size 6.5 regular width in these, which is my usual US shoe size for this style of shoe. If you have low volume feet and/or narrow heels I would consider erring on the smaller side so they feel secure, particularly in the slip-on variation.

A pair of feet wearing Huarache by Anya and Origo Shoes in tan leather with the optional ankle strap tied around. An orange dress hem is visible at the top of the pictures and you can see the zero drop flexible outsole on the Huarache Slip Ons


The Huarache by Anya is available to purchase from Origo Shoes and ships from the US to North America, Europe, UK, and Australia. Or if you live in Mexico you can shop Origo Shoes here and enjoy shipping from within Mexico.

You can use code ANYA for 10% off your purchase at any time, and on any of the models that Origo sells.

These huaraches are made in small batches by artisan shoemakers – we will be restocking them frequently but there is a high chance that popular colors and sizes will sell out. Just make sure to register to be notified when your preferred color and size comes back in stock!

We can’t wait for you to try these barefoot huaraches that are so dear to our hearts.

A woman wearing tan barefoot huaraches by Origo and Anya and smiling at the camera

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122 thoughts on “The Most Comfortable Huaraches That Don’t Squish Your Toes – Now Available!”

  1. I ordered the regular slip on huraches and they didn’t fit. My feet were too wide (10cm), couldn’t even put them on. The wide version should fit much better, so will try again.

  2. If you have very short, very wide feet with a square toe, and a narrow heel, what are you supposed to do? I’m upset that the wide only comes in large sizes for blocky feet. It would be easy to make the sandal style fit my foot, but you chose only to make wide shoes for big feet.

      1. It just takes some extra time to develop new sizes and we knew people were really eager for the Wide width! You’ll be pleased to know the Wide option now starts at size 6.5W.

    1. Hi Susan, my apologies for the links not working. Should be fixed now for you. With that length, you could probably go with a 9.5 or 10 depending on fit preference.

  3. Will the shoes be available at European retailers this year? Would love to buy them but the shipping to Europe is soo expensive unfortunately.

      1. Yes, we hope to be able to offer the buckle Huaraches in Wide in the future but we don’t have a timeline for that project yet.

  4. They look beautiful! Was just going to order the as a spring/ summer shoe, but then had to find out that they only come in wide without buckle and without an ankle strap in size 44. 🙁 I have very low volume feet, so those will likely fall off my foot. Why not provide the ankle strip for all sizes and width? Or even better, offer the model with buckel in all sizes so people with long but low volume feet can wear them too?

    1. You should be able to request the ankle tie now, I spoke with Origo about adding this option to the whole size range. But the sandal option with buckle won’t be available in wide for a little while longer

  5. Hello Anya! Me feet are 25 cm long medium high volume. Do you think I need size 9 or is 8,5 enough?

      1. By foot tracing, my largest foot (left foot is a bit larger than right) my foot measures 10.25″ (inches) long and 4″ (inches) wide. Based on that would you recommend getting the regular or wide? Or what size would you recommend for each version? I appreciate your help.

        1. Hi Jacqueline, before deciding I would try and measure your feet via the “wall method” and in centimeters since I find that to be most accurate. It sounds like a 41 regular might be the right size for you if you take into account the fact that foot tracings add about .5cm in length and width usually.

  6. OMG the huaraches are just so cute!

    Please, please, please consider a vegan slip on version in the future. Would be so lovely!

    I just love the look of the slip on, and I can imagine it would be perfect for my wide, high volume feet.

    Thank you for all your amazing reviews!

  7. Hi,
    These look absolutely gorgeous. I wonder if you have any plans to extend the available colours? For those of us who suit a cooler colour palette, our neutrals are more like grey, navy, chalky white?

  8. Hi. My largest foot measurements (against the wall) are: 23.825cm in length and 9.84cm in width. I have a somewhat high volume foot and a bunion, and recently had foot surgery so I really do not want too tight shoes (I understand they will stretch a bit). What size would you recommend in the Huarache Slip-On by Anya? I’m thinking I should try the WIDE version in an 8 (the smallest size offered). I’m concerned the regular would not be wide enough. Thank you!

    1. The 8 Wide sounds like a good choice for you. They are higher volume than the regular and I didn’t find them too tight on the top of my foot at all. They are a little long for me, but my foot is about .5cm shorter than yours.

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Hi. I'm Anya.

Hi. I'm Anya.

I first discovered barefoot shoes after a long history of foot issues. By changing my footwear and strengthening my body I was able to completely transform my life. Anya’s Reviews is my way of sharing with the world that healthy feet are happy feet!

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