The Best Foot Friendly Socks That Don’t Squish Your Toes

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a top down view of a foot standing on concrete wearing cozy warm toe socks with barefoot shoes
The most comfortable socks don’t squish your toes

Looking for socks you can comfortably wear with barefoot shoes? Here is a list of all the sock brands I love that support a natural toe splay, including regular socks, toe socks, and leg warmers.

Why Do Socks Matter?

an annotated image of two pairs of feet wearing socks showing that regular socks don't let your toes move the way they would as if barefoot or in toe socks. Text says "socks can restrict your toes just like shoes & this can lead to foot pain"
Regular socks tend to inhibit your natural toe splay. Foot friendly socks don’t!

Socks can restrict your toes just like shoes can! Many people who have experienced the freedom of barefoot shoes start to question their socks. And many find themselves more comfortable once they transition to either toe socks or anatomical socks. I myself prefer to be fully barefoot in my shoes (I wash them if they get stinky), but sometimes I need socks for either comfort or warmth. The following are the socks I recommend for optimal comfort and long term foot health.

Want to hear more about barefoot shoes? Get started here.

Toe Socks

A close up of a pair of feet standing on concrete wearing dark grey toe socks with the toes lifted up and splayed

Over the years I have completely transitioned to toe socks – I just need that toe mobility! And nothing else gives it to you like a toe sock (except being barefoot of course).

  • Injinji – I love the wool hikers best of all!
  • Knitido – They have a more classic selection of socks than Knitido Plus, and we carry them at Anya’s Shop for easier North American access. Use code ANYA10 for 10% off if ordering directly
  • Creepers Socks (NZ & USA)- Love these! One of my favorites. Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 15% off
  • Icarus – Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 10% off
  • Knitido Plus – Use code ANYA20 for 20% off
  • Feelgrounds – You can find a selection of Knitido socks at Feelgrounds
  • ToeToe (UK)
  • SeraSox – These are really soft and comfy!
  • SoxSense – Ankle height cotton
  • Tabio USA
  • Vibram Toe Sock
  • XoToes
  • ToeSox – Most of these socks have grippy bottoms, which is good for indoor use or in a gym. Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 20% off
  • Amazon – There are lots of options! I have a cheap set to fill in the gaps so I always have clean socks to wear.
  • Maro – Organic cotton

No Show Toe Socks

A close up of a pair of feet standing on concrete. The right foot is wearing a Xero Shoes Zelen barefoot sneaker, the left foot is wearing an Injinji hidden toe sock

Want toe socks that won’t show when wearing low cut shoes? Here are some invisible toe sock options. If you have a stinky feet problem, these can help keep your shoes fresher.

5 Toe Tights

Need to wear nylons? There are tights with 5 toes! Find them at ToeToe.

Tall Boot Socks

Tabi Socks

Tabi socks have a separate spot for the big toe only, and are often used by people who just don’t want to give up their sandals when the weather turns cold.

Anatomical Socks

a top down view of a pair of feet wearing anatomical socks from Mukishoes with a wide toe box and a left and right sock - they are barefoot friendly
Mukishoes anatomical socks

These socks have a natural foot shape to them with a left and right but they aren’t toe socks. This just makes sense, since feet aren’t symmetrical! So they allow your big toes to splay out more than traditional socks.

While these are far more comfortable than your typical socks, I still prefer toe socks – sometimes these socks get bunched up in shoes and I still feel slightly restricted. But if you can’t stand the thought of toe socks, these are the next best thing!

  • Be Lenka – Anatomical socks in several different heights! Get 5% off with code ANYASREVIEWS (returns only accepted from EU & USA)
  • Barebarics – Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 5% off (returns only accepted from EU & USA)
  • Mukishoes – These are unisex intended for sizes 37-43. I am a 37 and they are quite roomy, but I love them for around the house.
  • Feelgrounds
  • Injinji – The Runner and Hiker are the only two that aren’t toe socks
  • Plus12 – These have plenty of toe space. The big toe corner is very prominent at first, but it softens with wear and washing.
  • IceBreaker
  • Feetures
  • Wyde Footwear – Ankle or crew height cotton anatomical socks. Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 10% off

Another option is non-constricting socks with an overall wider fit such as these:

Leg Warmers

Leg warmers (or stirrup socks) are another great option for preserving toe space. I love that they keep me warm, fill in space around the arch and heel, but still let my toes be free.

You can find leg warmers lots of places, and they’re really easy to knit yourself (or so I’ve been told), but here are a few that I have experience with and can vouch for!

Extra Warm Foot Friendly Socks

a close up side view of a pair of feet standing on concrete wearing wool knitido toe socks with lace up barefoot boots

Did you know that wool can take the shape of your body like leather can? Quality socks with a high wool content will become softer and conform to your foot over time. Sizing up is also a great option if you are having trouble finding cozy socks that don’t squish your toes.

  • Knitido Wool Socks – The perfect boot socks.
  • Injinji Wool – These are insulating, but not super thick so they’re easier to wear inside shoes.
  • Creepers Socks (NZ & USA)- Love these! One of my favorites. Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 15% off
  • Icelandic Socks – These are 85% wool so are able to mold to your foot over time. They fit generously and are very thick and warm.
  • Chunky Boot Socks – These are some of the most spacious “regular” socks I’ve found and look really cute with boots.
  • People Socks – I stole these from my husband and now use them as house slippers.

I live in a cold climate and have put a lot of energy into finding the best warm gear that doesn’t restrict your feet. Check out my All Time Warmest Barefoot Winter boots article for more details!

Compression Socks

I often get asked about foot friendly compression socks – here are 3 toe sock options that will let your feet spread out.

There are also many compression sleeves that have no toes.

Grip Socks

Grip socks are great if you want some grip on smooth floors but don’t want to be barefoot. I use them in my house on hardwood floors and in the gym. They are a nice alternative to shoes when you need only a little protection.

Kids Foot Friendly Socks

It’s not easy to find foot friendly socks for kids, but here are a few options that have worked well for us. Once your child’s feet are big enough you can get them adult sized socks too!

  • Amazon – This is one of the only places I’ve found toe socks for kids
  • Plus12 – My boys don’t like toe socks, but they love these anatomical socks! You can also order Plus12 from Wildling Shoes
  • Magical Shoes – 99% Merino wool socks with a wide toe box and non-skid bottom. Use code ANYA for 10% off
  • Foot Buddy – Tube socks with no heel cup and relaxed toe box. Use code ANYAS15 for 20% off
  • Joe Nimble International – A couple toe socks options for kids. Use code AFFANY10 for 10% off your first purchase


Anything you put your feet into will affect how they function – that means it’s worthwhile to look at both your socks and your shoes. Fortunately there are tons of healthy sock options in a full range of prices and materials. Find what works for you and experience the foot freedom!

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70 thoughts on “The Best Foot Friendly Socks That Don’t Squish Your Toes”

  1. Thanks Anya. Do you have any recommendation for invisible socks/footsies to wear with ballet flats? I used Uniqlo ones but they also squish my toes.

  2. I love your site Anya, thank you so much for all your research! Wondering which boots are featured in the picture beneath the heading “Extra Warm Foot Friendly Socks”? Thank you!

  3. Could you recommend some extra warm socks that don’t contain wool or rubber/latex/elastic? I am allergic and have the hardest time finding socks.

    1. Hi Emily! I would look at the Only Footprints brand, they have some that are 100% cotton (though I encourage you to reach out to them specifically to ensure there is no hidden elastic/latex). I am not sure if they are the warm enough for you, but you could double them up!

  4. Hello,
    I have webbed toes (2nd and 3rd). Any suggestions for people like myself? Toe socks will not go down around my toes hah.


  5. Hello. If applicable, could you provide experiences wearing any of the wool blend socks from Earth Runners, Knitido, and/or Luna? Do they work well in warmer seasons or are they too thick for that?

    1. I have wool socks from Knitido (not the printed wintry ones, the Essential ones) and they aren’t too thick. I think they could work well as a hiking sock in warmer weather without too much trouble. But I like the wool liners from Injinji and Creepers socks best for that. I haven’t tried Luna socks or the wool Earth Runners (just their grip socks).

      1. Okay, thanks. I did end up trying the Earth Runners tabi socks briefly and noticed they have a plush terry cloth inner band around the foot, and hard to tell but I think Icebreaker’s light+ socks are slightly thinner of their terry cloth banding (though unsure if there would be much of a difference).

  6. Do you know of any toe socks that would fit slope shaped feet? I bought some cheap ones from Amazon & my little toe & the ones next to them don’t reach their toe socks. These are the toes I most want to spread so not sure wearing such socks are worth the money & time to put on.

    1. Hmm Just looking at them without a foot inside I would say Knitido has the most sloped shape to it, with the littlest toe sitting a good bit lower than the big toe. Followed by Creepers. Injinji socks are pretty square. It also may be that the Amazon ones didn’t have a good stretch to them – the nicer material blends tend to conform to the foot a little better.

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Hi. I'm Anya.

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