My Feet Are Hurting in Barefoot Shoes, What Do I Do?

If you’ve begun to wear barefoot shoes only to start having pain, you might need to back off a little. Here are a few options:

Pain signals are messages from our body, we should pay attention! Fortunately a few adjustments can often make a huge difference as your body adapts.

Don’t forget that it’s your feet that do the work (not your shoes), so adding in foot exercises and barefoot time on stimulating textures will strengthen and condition your body more quickly than with new shoes alone.

But if problems persist consider consulting a professional. See How Do You Transition To Barefoot Shoes? for a few recommendations.

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2 thoughts on “My Feet Are Hurting in Barefoot Shoes, What Do I Do?”

  1. I’ve been transitioning to barefoot for a couple months now. I do all the exercises and stretches almost every day. I have a standing desk at work and stand most of the day, putting on my Birks when my feet get tired. I sometimes get some soreness in my heels while standing barefoot or walking in my barefoot shoes. I’ve read some comments that it is because we weren’t meant to walk on concrete and hardwood surfaces, but on grass and dirt etc. So that makes me wonder, are there people who’ve transitioned to wearing barefoot shoes all the times, including when on hard manmade surfaces, and do your feet and heels adjust to that? What has been your experience? Thanks so much I’ve already been helped so much by your blog and advice!

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