Fashion, But Make It Barefoot – August 2021

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If you feel like fashion and function are incompatible, you need to spend some time hanging out here! In this edition of Fashion, But Make it Barefoot we find a better alternative to Birkenstocks, Doc Martens, and High Heeled boots!

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August 6, 2021

Mukishoes Chelsea | $150-$175 | Cork or Leather | Sizes EU 36-48 | Ships from Portugal

Use code ANYAMUKI for 10% off Mukishoes!

One of us is going to be limping home tonight, and it ain’t me. 😉💃🏻

If you’re still torturing your feet for fashion, at least know there’s another way. You can have your style and foot health too! And you might find that you feel so great in your pain-free shoes that your radiance more than makes up for the shoes you had to give up.

Pointy, heeled shoes are a short term win (style!), long term loss (weak feet, bunions, hammertoes, corns, etc etc). Natural footwear on the other hand is a double win – you get the immediate benefits of being comfortable and feeling good (nothing dampens a night out like being in misery) AND the long term benefits of a stronger, more mobile, and more stable body.

If you’re looking for cute NON-excruciating shoes check out my Style tips! There you can find lots of options to choose over the hurty shoes in your closet. I’m wearing here the Mukishoes Chelsea, one of my fave boots from last year. Keep an eye out for the launch of their fall collection in the coming weeks and use code ANYAMUKI for 10% off their store!

Happy Fri-yay folks!
Take your buns outside for a walk this weekend 😀

Left portion of the first photo is from an ad for a leather jacket by Current Elliot.

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August 16, 2021

Vivobarefoot Gobi Hi | $189 after code ANYA20 for 20% off | Leather | Sizes US W5.5-11.5

Combat boooooots #ButMakeItBarefoot!
I love a good lace up boot, but options like Doc Martens can wreak havoc on your low back and feet. Barefoot combat boots on the other hand are lightweight, flexible, and let your toes move freely. Win, win, and win!!

One of my favorite combat boot styles is the Gobi Hi Top from Vivobarefoot. They’ve recently come in stock and you can use code ANYA20 for 20% off to get 10% off anything from Vivo. The Gobi Hi is water resistant, has a warm lining, is super durable – they were my very first barefoot winter boot years ago and they just get more flexible and comfortable over time. I recently got this season’s updated Gobi Hi IV to test out and I have to say, they are suuuuper creaky and definitely need breaking in. But the quality is top notch and I expect to love them as much as I have in years previous (most Vivobarefoot shoes need breaking in, but they last a long time). They run small though! I sized up one from my usual Vivo size and the Gobi’s still fit closely.

Last winter I compiled a list of barefoot combat boot alternatives, so if you want that grunge look make sure you check it out! There are quite a few options (including vegan!) in different colors and aesthetics. I’ve included a few pictures of more options here to give you a taste, but refer to the article on my website for all the deets.

You don’t need to cram your toes into uncomfortable, heavy boots this winter!
Happy barefoot-ing fam!

Fashion inspiration from Esla Moda.

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August 20, 2021

Groundies Universe | $150 | Leather or Vegan | Sizes EU 36-48 | Ships from Germany

Beyoncé got nothing on my flat-footed squat. 💃🏻

So what’s the deal with squats anyways? Besides being a functional movement (as in, if you can do them life is easier), they are a great exercise/stretch that works basically your entire posterior chain at once.

But LOTS of mobility and strength is required to hold a squat, and it’s not a move we practice very often in modern, western cultures. Integrating more hip movement into my life, mainly through floor sitting, helped me regain those squat skills, and the second photo shows a few examples. I also credit Pilates, but if you need something simple to start with just get acquainted with the ground! And here’s your friendly reminder that the practicing is more important than the achieving – your goal is to use your body more often and in more ways, not necessarily to beat Beyoncé in squat form. 👑

My shoes are Groundies Barefootwear Universe a great barefoot alternative to Adidas – check this post for a review and tons more legitimately cool barefoot sneaker options. Also check out which Groundies styles we are carrying at Anya’s Shop!

For more info on squatting, check out this blog post from Nutritious Movement called You Don’t Know Squat.

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August 27, 2021

Crupon Febo Sandals | $ 106 after code ANYA | Leather | Handmade in Bulgaria

To me, Birkenstocks are proof that a foot-shaped shoe can go mainstream. They are, after all, a sensible shoe that people choose for comfort and the health of their feet. BUT ALSO because they’re cute and trendy.

In my recent article on Birkenstock alternatives, I debunk some of the myths surrounding supportive shoes to show you that Birkenstocks are actually not a long term solution to foot pain. Instead, we would do a lot better to strengthen and activate our feet by wearing barefoot shoes or no shoes at all! So let’s make barefoot sandals the choice for people who want comfort, foot health, AND a cute trendy look.

The sandals I’m wearing on the right are from Crupon Sandals barefoot line – Use code ANYA to get 10% off. They come in a bunch of gorgeous colors and are handmade with love.

Style inspiration on left found on Le Dressing Ideal’s Pinterest board.

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Hi. I'm Anya.

Hi. I'm Anya.

I first discovered barefoot shoes after a long history of foot issues. By changing my footwear and strengthening my body I was able to completely transform my life. Anya’s Reviews is my way of sharing with the world that healthy feet are happy feet!

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