Fashion, But Make It Barefoot – February 2022

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A 3 photo collage of the same woman wearing different stylish outfits and 3 different stylish barefoot shoes - The Groundies Liverpool, Crupon Trevi, and Origo shoes with the text "Fashion, But Make It Barefoot, by Anya's Reviews"

As winter winds down I’ve had stylish barefoot shoes for spring on the brain. In this Fashion, But Make it Barefoot roundup we’re covering 3 of my top picks for transitional weather – Groundies Liverpool boots, Crupon Trevi flats, and Origo metallic sneakers.

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Stylish Barefoot Alternatives to Popular Shoe Trends

1. Crupon Sandals

Collage of traditional brown leather clogs versus zero drop flexible clog style shoes from Crupon. The text overlay reads "Clogs But Make them Bendy" and shows the barefoot Crupon shoes flexing with foot movement.

Leather | $148 | Sizes EU 35-41 | Ships from Bulgaria

Use code [“crupon-sandals”] for 10% off any Crupon purchase

Like the look of clogs, but want a sole you can feel the ground in? Crupon Sandals has got you covered!

I found Crupon 3 years ago and was so thrilled with their quality shoemaking and rustic look, but at the time they only came in one shape that wasn’t wide enough for my feet. Last year Crupon and I worked together to develop a new barefoot sole, and this year we are adding some new styles to the lineup! The Trevi Barefoot from Crupon can now be purchased in black (nero) and light brown (ambra), and you can use code ANYA for 10% off.

Crupon is based in Bulgaria, and each pair is handmade to order. Returns and exchanges are accepted on shoes from the Barefoot collection, as well as anything from their standard collection. They run a little bit long in my experience, and they have a size chart and printable sole template to help you find your size.

You can find the full Barefoot Sandals collection here. My coupon code works on everything on the website. See a few more lovely styles from Crupon below!

A row of 4 barefoot sandals from Crupon made of leather in bright colors

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3. Origo Shoes

Side by side collage of two very similar photos looking down at 2 different woman wearing similar metallic sneakers. The sneakers on the right are zero drop foot shaped sneakers from Origo Shoes

Leather & Vegan | $125 | Sizes US Womens 6-11 | Available within the US only

Use code ANYA for 10% off

What a difference just a centimeter or two of toe space can make!

Today I’m inspired by the adorable Jenn of Haute Off The Rack. I took this “comfy” outfit and elevated the comfort factor a few notches with lightweight shoes that don’t scrunch your toes!! And did I really sacrifice any of the style to get it? I think not!

The aesthetics of pointy toed shoes go back thousands of years – it’s become so ingrained in our culture that most of us don’t even realize we’re squishing our feet. But there’s no reason why we can’t riff on what’s popular and blend it with a more functional approach! Feet are after all the literal foundation of our bodies, the one point of contact we have with the ground when walking, standing, and running. Kinda makes sense to think about whether they can function in your shoes or not!

My barefoot metallic sneaker alternatives comes from Origo Shoes. You can use code ANYA to get 10% off your order – they have vegan and affordable options.
If you’re looking for a metallic sneaker that can be shipped outside the US, Groundies Ibiza is another great option.

Check out my list of 15 Stylish Barefoot Sneakers for more details on the sizing and fit of these shoes.

And if you need another reason to consider foot-shaped shoes, think how wonderful it is to travel in them! So comfy, light, and packable.

Thank you Haute Off The Rack for this lovely outfit inspo!

Side by side collage of 2 different women dressed similarly for travel with luggage in their hands. Both are wearing metallic sneakers, the woman on the right is wearing Origo Shoes barefoot metallic zero drop cool sneakers.

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2. Groundies Liverpool

Collage showing traditional Timberland style work boots versus Groundies Liverpool barefoot boots. The text reads "Get the look Ditch the heel"

Leather | $145 | Sizes EU 36-47 | Ships from Germany

Get the look, ditch the heel. And the toe spring too 😲

The Groundies Liverpool was the subject of my first ever “Wear This, Not That” article – my series to help you find healthier alternatives to popular shoe trends.

Last fall Groundies released an updated version of the Liverpool, the GX1, so I wrote a mini review of them to get you oriented. You can read that review here!

What “Wear This, Not That” style do you still need from me??

Click here to see the original post on Instagram

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10 thoughts on “Fashion, But Make It Barefoot – February 2022”

  1. I really love seeing barefoot shoes with a focus on fashion! In my opinion a lot of advocators of barefoot shoes are too focused on just function and it alienates people who still want to look stylish. Great to see that you can have both without picking one or the other!
    One specific kind of shoe I’ve been searching for is saddle shoes; do you know if there’s any brand offering a barefoot version of these? I really like their vintage look but I’d rather do without the heel.

  2. I just received the Origo Gen 1 and taken my first walk. They are great! I look forward to traveling with them next month. I sized up a half a size as that’s what was on sale (I’m a plateau shaped 9.5, sometimes 40 sometimes 41). I could see myself purchasing the Gen 2 when these need replaced as a thinner sole would be an improvement. They feel more like a regular shoe than I’m now used to. I think I would also choose the 9.5 instead of the 10. But I’ve learned that sizing up is better when in doubt. They aren’t so big as to be unsafe or uncomfortable, and my toes have plenty of room.

    I would say these are a great intro shoe. Plenty of style and heft but with toe room.

  3. Origo shoes now ship to Canada! I just ordered a pair and was able to use the discount code. πŸ™‚ I am excited for them to arrive. And thanks for all your helpful info!

  4. I’m new to barefoot shoes and have been reading all your posts. So much helpful information!
    I am trying to make a decision on whether or not to exchange or return my recent purchase. I purchased the Origo everyday
    sneaker, gen 2, in women’s size 9, the which has quite a bit of extra length in the toes. I know some space is recommended but I’m not sure how much is too much. My normal shoe size is 8.5. I think I have a low – medium volume foot, average width. I don’t really have any foot issues, but I’m looking to transition to barefoot shoes for my entire family.
    I am afraid the next size down may be too short.
    My second question is about breaking the shoe in as the feel currently is very stiff. As the shoes break in and soften, I am wondering if the leather will stretch giving me even more room, and making the shoe too big.
    If you have any insight on this brand/shoe I’d appreciate it so much!

    1. Hi Abby! I would lean towards keeping them, especially since the next size down might indeed be too short. So many people (myself included at first!) have a tendency to buy shoes with not enough space in the beginning of their journey. If they feel okay when you’re walking, your feet aren’t sliding around side to side in there, some extra toe space isn’t a problem. There is a good chance you will become accustomed to it quickly. You can try adding a thin insole to take up a little space for now if you’d like. My daughter has had a few pairs of the Origo sneakers – they’re her favorite. The leather has definitely gotten softer and more pliable, but unless your foot is enough strain on the leather to stretch it out I would not be concerned about that aspect.

      1. Hi Samantha,
        I only just saw your reply, thank you for your help!
        I ended up exchanging the first pair, which were cactus leather, for a pair a size down in natural leather. (The company told me they should be a little more pliable) Those didn’t work me, either, unfortunately. After attempting to break them in for a month I determined they were too stiff for me. I think it was more about me than the shoes – I have sensitive spider & varicose veins around my ankles after 6 babies and the shoes just hit at the wrong place.
        They have great customer service and refunded my order, even though I had worn them a good amount!
        I ordered Splays new leather option in white which looks very similar and I’ve found it to be much more comfortable for me!

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Hi. I'm Anya.

Hi. I'm Anya.

I first discovered barefoot shoes after a long history of foot issues. By changing my footwear and strengthening my body I was able to completely transform my life. Anya’s Reviews is my way of sharing with the world that healthy feet are happy feet!

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