The Complete List of Waterproof Barefoot Shoes for Rain

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Barefoot rain boots keep our feet happy on wet days!

If you live in a wet climate waterproof barefoot shoes will keep your socks dry and your feet happy. You see, many standard rain boots have a chunky heel that can throw off your alignment and cause all kinds of issues in your body. But a completely flat and flexible rain boot is hard to find!

I’ve compiled a list of all the waterproof, water resistant, and rubber rain boots (for kids and adults) that meet my strict requirements for healthy footwear. Don’t let the weather keep you from getting outside! Read on for the full list of barefoot waterproof shoes below.

How to Waterproof Your Shoes

a close up of two waterproofing products for shoes. Sno seal leather wax, and kiwi protect all shoe spray

Before we get to the waterproof barefoot shoe options, let’s discuss ways you can make use of the shoes you have. Keep in mind that treating your shoes with a waterproofing agent can change the way they look. Leather often gets significantly darker with impregnating waxes and can even change in texture. While these products are usually very effective, a shoe spray is a better alternative if you don’t want to change the way your shoes look.

Waterproofing Sprays, Waxes, & Creams

If working with suede, nubuck, or fabric I use waterproofing sprays because it’s less likely to change the look and texture of the material. Waxes & creams have to be rubbed into the shoe and are more likely to affect the look, but they are often more effective – best used on smooth leather/vegan leather products.

  • Car+bon Pro – The most effective without changing the material in any way! Works on everything, including vegan and fabrics
  • Nano Tech Waterproof Leather Spray – Have not used myself, but it comes highly rated
  • Nikwax Footwear Care – This is an ecofriendly spray, but it does slightly alter the look of suede/nubuck
  • Renapur Leather Balsam – This conditioner is a gentle waterproofer, not as effective as the other options. But really great for restoring the look of your shoes and increasing their longevity!
  • Otter Wax – Works great
  • Sno Seal – Very effective, but DEFINITLY changes the leather (unless you are dealing with a glossy black to begin with).

Other Tricks/Gadgets

  • Aquaseal – This is used to repair holes or seal up seams on your shoes!
  • Neos Overshoe – This overshoe can be worn directly over your shoes to make them waterproof and slip-resistant (there are many retailers, so search around to find your size).
  • Chala Overshoe – Available in 3 different varieties for year-round situations! Use code 93D5B5E9 for 5% off

Barefoot Rain Boots for Adults

There are not too many true barefoot rubber rain boot options yet, but here are my favorite ones for adults.

The following are the truest to barefoot shoe ideals.

  • Xero Shoes Gracie (women’s) – A true barefoot rain boot! Read my review here. For those in the EU, shop Xero Shoes EU here.
  • Lems Waterproof Chelsea (men’s & women’s) – probably the best pull on waterproof boot that fits both men & women.
  • Saguaro Brisk – Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 15% off. Quite thin, but really great foot shape!
  • Koel Rana – These are technically a kids’ shoe and only go up to a 41, but are super functional and have a tall cinch-able shaft that gives you real protection from rain and mud. Also available from Mugavik Barefoot at 5% off with code ANYASREVIEWS.
  • Women’s Asgard (AMAZON) – Packable, affordable rubber boots that check all the boxes, but do have a narrower toe box than I prefer. Read my Asgard review here.
  • Bisgaard (women’s & kids) – These rubber boots are completely flat and flexible but a little difficult to find and only go up to a size 40. US/Canadian customers can get them from Pedterra and use code ANYASREVIEWS, and the rest of the world can search for a retailer on Bisgaard’s website. Wider than the Asgard above, but just a little bit narrow.
  • Pokeboo Packable Rain Boots – Men’s and Women’s – very minimal but have a narrower toe box. This is the truest barefoot rain boot that comes in men’s sizes.
  • Vaistoa Korpi – This Finnish brand only ships within Europe, but they look to be a perfect barefoot rain boot.

Fun fact, you can turn any rain boots into thermal ones with a boot liner! And I also highly recommend the use of leg warmers to get a secure fit without compromising on toe space (because pull on rain boots are not adjustable).

Compromise Rain Boots:

While these options are more minimalist than most conventional rain boots, they might have a small heel rise and are heavier and thicker than is typical for a barefoot shoe (and also a little pinchier in the toe box). To make these options even more minimal, always check to see if there’s a removable insole.

Waterproof/Resistant Barefoot Shoes for Adults

Lem’s Waterproof Boulder Boot

While these are not your typical pull on rubber rain boots, these barefoot shoes are water resistant and practical for wet weather.

Kids Waterproof Barefoot Shoes

A pair of bright yellow barefoot rain boots from Ten Little being worn by a child in thick mud and water
Ten Little Rain Boots

Like for adults, true barefoot rain boots for kids are a tough find! But the options below we have vetted to be zero drop a wide toe box, so that kids can play in the rain and mud without hurting their feet.

If you want to see which barefoot kids shoes we consider to be the all time best, click here!

Rubber Rain Boots

  • Bisgaard – All zero drop except “Rain” model.
  • Bundgaard rubber boots – All these wellies are zero drop except the Sailor boots, and we consider them to be the best true kids barefoot rain boot. Customers outside the US can order directly from Bundgaard.
  • Oaki Rain Boots – The rubber boots are zero drop, neoprene boots are not.
  • Original Hunter Classic
  • Koel
  • KomForme – These are the only on the list that we can’t determine to be 100% zero drop. My best guess is they have a 2mm heel rise.
  • Stonz – West and Urban models. Use code ANYAREVIEWS10 for 10% off
  • Ten Little – Toddler/little kid sizes US 6-13. Read our review here for more details.
  • Viking – Not all models are zero-drop, so look for the flat soles. Viking ships to the EU only, but this brand can also be found at Outnorth for international shipping.
  • 1000 Hours Outside – Toddler 6 up to Youth 2
  • Igor – Also available in the US at PedTerra in sizes EU 20-30

Waterproof/Resistant Shoes

If you don’t need a full rubber boot, these waterproof kids barefoot shoes are the next best thing.

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98 thoughts on “The Complete List of Waterproof Barefoot Shoes for Rain”

  1. Most of them don’t have the sole which allow me to keep safe on offroad slopes hikes. If Vivobarefoot Tracker Forest Escape would have waterproof mambrane they would be winners – Michellin sole makes the difference if I’m on slippy side of trail. Anyway, there is no sense of buying leather boots, without membrane, if you are willing to spend 4-5 hours on trail during rainy weather. Vivo please use membrane!

  2. The Xero short wellies have been great for gardening and running around town in the rain. But I wouldn’t wear them hiking (or for long walks) as my feet move around in them a little, they don’t have great traction, and they put very uncomfortable pressure on my right medial malleolus (I have bony feet). Anyone else have this? It isn’t rubbing…it feels like bruising. I need to investigate further and see how I can remedy it.

    1. You might try a tongue pad or even two stacked on top of each other in them. That’s how I make them a little more secure and not floppy. I also love leg warmers for that too, because they fill in space around the ankle and midfoot but don’t take up toe box space.

      1. Absolutely agree, I asked Decathlon many times to simply design ONE model of hunting (or gardening) boots over the years, without success. I’m pretty they can 100% do it, either from Solognac or Tribord manufacturers. They could sell a pair for 30 bucks and become the leader of this not-that-niche product but no one gives a shit. Also asked recently Xero to make their gracie rain boot but for men. Only thing which works more or less for me is wearing trail FG shoes all weather from vivo, multiple layers of waterproof sealant + bicycle overpant from decathlon

    1. I agree! It’s not “healthy” footwear if it’s made from toxic materials that leach into the environment and your body!

  3. This is a great resource for a lot of folks needs, but I’ve come to an unfortunate conclusion:

    Those of us who rely on sturdy full-calf rubber boots for work conditions where we might spend 8-10 hours daily clumping through deep swamps with tricky vegetation, or wading through manure muck in farm operations, or any number of similar demanding situations really don’t have any zero-drop options. The few that come close are usually heavily insulated, a problem if you work anywhere warm, or they don’t go over 10″ height.

    None of the above is really compatible with minimalist construction or thin soles, but I find my feet are getting less tolerant of the heel height difference between my minimalist to barefoot non-work time and the footwear I need for work. Depending on the time of year I spend more of my waking time in tall rubber boots than not, and I know I’m not the only one. Suprisingly some of the cheapest $30 rubber boots you can get from tractor supply co. are the least offensive, but still cause me problems by the end of the day.

    Minimalist shoe companies out here are putting lots of time and effort into offering a zillion different kinds of recreational and casual shoes, and that’s great, but I would ask for even just one of them to please, please make a solidly built zero-drop rubber boot for those of us who need to work in them.

    1. So I just wear “basic” second hand vivobarefoot fg allweatjer shoes, apply multiple coats of “waterproof” sealant and use their 20€ bicycle pant on top of that, it works but I have to repair the shoe part of the pant quite often. I work as a gardener 40 hours per week in a place where it rains a lot.

    2. Sooo agree with you ! Kinda frustrating to feel meandering around town is the only thing people ever do… My main problem, and I’ve just emailed Ameico and Vaistoa to ask if they deem their boorts work-resistant… curious to see what they’ll say !

    1. Hi Dori! We don’t have any first-hand experience with those particular boots but they do look pretty good to me. There may be a few mm difference between the toes and the heel on the outside but that’s only speculation. If you decide to get them, let us know how they are!

  4. Hi Anya, you mentioned Be Lenka here, I have a pair of Nevada which are not waterproof, anyway when I wore them and the soil is wet, they are very slippery on most flat surfaces, like concrete or simply on my garden pavement, I read the same on many comments on their website. I’m looking for some everyday/city looking Winter boots, not hiking style, not necessarily waterproof but with a nice grip/not slippery. As I know many stylish brand does not comply with that request, could you recommend a brand that meet that? Thank you!

  5. If I use one of the oil or wax waterproofing cream options on the Lem’s boulder boot mid cut leather will that provide me with a relatively low cut waterproof shoe? I like low cut shoes but I need something that won’t turn into a block of ice while winter camping. Do you have any other suggestions for a low cut waterproof shoe available in Canada? I like the Vivobarefoot magna FG except that the sole started separating in under a week.

    1. Indeed, those are a great candidate for waterproofing. Lems even sells Otterwax, so you can easily purchase it with your shoes. Too bad about the Magna, that seems like something that would be covered under warranty? Another option is the Freet Esk, which I have not tried personally yet but seems to fit what you are looking for and I’ve had good experiences with Freet’s other boots and booties.

      1. Hi Anya, yes the issue was covered by warranty but I chose to get a refund instead of a replacement. The Freet Esk does look like what I am looking for, I’ll go see if I can buy them in Canada

  6. Thank you for this comprehensive resource!

    I’m just wondering how flexible the soles are on both the Bisgaard and Bundgaard boots (specifically in the adult size range). I love the designs on them, but they don’t look very flexible in the pictures. I’m also a little worried about the toe box.

    1. They are on the heavy side, but fairly flexible and they become more so as they are worn. For me the bigger concern is the toe box, which is only moderately wide and IMO not quite enough space in the toe area.

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Hi. I'm Anya.

Hi. I'm Anya.

I first discovered barefoot shoes after a long history of foot issues. By changing my footwear and strengthening my body I was able to completely transform my life. Anya’s Reviews is my way of sharing with the world that healthy feet are happy feet!

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