The Best Barefoot Dress Shoes for Men

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A man visible from the ankles down wearing black men's barefoot dress shoes, surrounded by additional brands and models of black and brown barefoot dress shoes for men
Men’s barefoot dress shoes that won’t give you bunions

Classy men’s barefoot dress shoes do exist! Once you discover the freedom of wide toe box shoes, it’s hard to go back to regular pinchy dress shoes. Fortunately there are a growing number of men’s barefoot dress shoes available all around the world that you can wear to work, church, weddings, and whenever you need to look sharp.

Find here our top men’s barefoot dress shoe picks, along with over 30 additional options at different price points and different regions of the world.

Why Barefoot Dress Shoes?

A side by side collage of a man's foot wearing a wide toe box men's barefoot dress shoe from Be Lenka next to a traditional black dress shoe with a pointy narrow toe box, with the text "wear this, not that" above it
Men’s barefoot dress shoes are a more comfortable alternative to your typical dress shoes.

Dress shoes are notorious for being uncomfortable. I was constantly kicking off my tight, pinchy shoes before I found an alternative. And if you need to wear dress shoes often, it’s more than just comfort at stake – your standard heeled pointy dress shoes can actually lead to foot issues over time. It doesn’t need to be so!

Thanks to barefoot dress shoes, you don’t have to suffer anymore. The wide toe box, heel-less sole, and soft flexible fit make for a much more comfortable day. But they still have a dressy look that is appropriate for professional and fancy environments.

A top down view of the legs and feet of a man and a woman standing side by side, each wearing dressy barefoot dress shoes for men and women by Be Lenka barefoot brand

Shoes like this also exist for women and kids! The whole family can get fancy and stay comfortable!

Now let’s dig into which ones are our favorite men’s barefoot dress shoes!

The Best Men’s Barefoot Dress Shoes

These barefoot dress shoes for men include a range of options from business casual to upscale professional and black tie appropriate. We’ve been wearing barefoot dress shoes to all our fancy events for years now – people hardly ever notice that our shoes are “different” because they look so similar to regular dress shoes!

Be Lenka

Leather | Sizes EU 36-47 | Ships from US or EU

This is our selection in the US, but you can also shop with Be Lenka directly in the EU and use code ANYASREVIEWS for 5% off.

These are Justin’s and Robby’s (our two main male barefoot shoe testers here at Anya’s Reviews!) personal favorites for dressing up. The Cityscape (above left) presents a little more sophisticated and dressy, but the Synergy (above right) is an excellent casual-to-dressy all purpose shoe. Both have ample toe space for wide feet and maximum comfort, and the Synergy comes in a fleece lined option in the colder months.


Leather | Sizes US 7-15 | Ships from EU/UK

Use code ANYA20 for 20% off

Vivobarefoot were our first men’s barefoot dress shoes, and definitely one of the nicer options out there. They look very mainstream and yet have a wider toe box, and thin flexible sole. We’ve had really good luck with our Vivobarefoot shoes being high quality and long lasting.

Vivobarefoot has a medium wide fit that is sloped (with the exception of the Made in Ethiopia line, which is wider and more square shaped for toe space), so some people with long toes or extra wide feet don’t fit well into this brand.


Leather | Sizes US 6.5-15 | Ships from US or EU

Xero’s dressy barefoot shoes are not super dressy, but they work well in a lot of situations. The Glenn and the Denver are two of Justin’s favorites, they are a good match for his particular foot shape and they have become softer and comfier over time.

You can find Xero Shoes EU here.


Leather & Canvas Options | Sizes US 3.5-15 | Ships from US

Lems has several models that can pass as dress shoes! While not the most elegant of all the options here, they work well with slacks for work or church and they are dang comfy. Some models come on their Widest shape, which is very generous and comfy. We also like their Wide shape, but it’s not as good for really wide feet.

Something that people really love about Lems is they have a bit more cushioning than many other barefoot shoe brands, while still having a natural fit and feel. So they can be more comfortable for people who spend long hours on their feet or who aren’t able to wear barefoot shoes.

European residents can purchase Lems at Mugavik Barefoot and use code ANYASREVIEWS for 5% off.


Leather | Sizes EU 40-48 | Ships from EU or US

Groundies men’s dress shoes are very nice looking, and they come in two widths for even extra wide feet. They are very light and flexible, with a real barefoot feel too. Justin wore his Groundies Palermos when he was a groomsman in his best friend’s wedding and the others in the wedding party were jealous of how comfortable he was!

We have select Groundies styles available at Anya’s Shop, including the Palermo (available seasonally).


Leather | Sizes EU 39-49 | Ships from US

These are an in-between barefoot shoe option – they have a much wider toe box than is typical in men’s dress shoes, but they still retain a mainstream aesthetic and they come with a lightly supportive and cushioned insole.

Justin really likes the Brenston (above left) because it has a really dressy look with the toe cap and is deceptively wide. He also loves the elastic lace option – each pair comes with elastic and regular laces. The Bramford (right) is more of an elegant sneaker – something many people can wear to work but they’re not fancy.

The leather uppers on both are really soft, and they’ve been popular with our readers who want more toe space without going full barefoot shoe, or who need a bit more cushion for whatever reason.

Aintap FeelBarefoot

Leather | EU Sizes 34-50 | Ships from Turkey

Use code ANYA50 for an extra discount.

FeelBarefoot has loads of oxford options in different colors and an extended size range. You can also request even bigger sizes! So this is a good shop if you have trouble finding nice shoes in your size. And they are on the more affordable side for a barefoot dress shoe.

The outsoles feel a little stiff when new, but we’ve found the leather to be top notch and to break in and last a long time. They do have a pretty high volume fit, so they can be floppy if you have low arches/flat feet. You can read our review for more information.

Using Insoles in Barefoot Shoes

One of my favorite shoe fit tricks is insoles. You can add, replace, or remove insoles in your shoes to get a customized fit. Love Birchbury shoes but want more space and a barefoot feel? Take out the insole! Love Groundies shoes but want more cushion? Add an insole! Find here my guide to using insoles with barefoot shoes.

More Shoe Options!

Depending on where you live or your foot type, you might prefer something from this list! Here are even more stylish and dressy men’s barefoot shoes.

Ahinsa mens barefoot dress shoe

Ahinsa (EU) – Sizes EU 36-48. Vegan! Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 10% off. Ahinsa shoes have a nice wide toe box, but run slightly short so I recommend sizing up. They also have an extra wide option and a Comfort option (wide toe box, but not barefoot).

Angles Fashion mens barefoot dress shoe

Angles Fashion (EU only) – Sizes 37-46. Great quality, classy design, and very comfortable. They look stylish, but still meet barefoot dress shoe requirements. These are a favorite in our household, but unfortunately do not ship to the US/Canada. You can use code ANYA for 5% off.

A close of up a man's legs wearing dress pants and a pair of Caret's dress shoes in black leather

Carets (US) – Sizes US 7-14. Beautiful shoes, very dressy. Don’t be fooled by the faux heel and what looks like a pointy toe, these are artfully designed to look like a classic dress shoe while still being barefoot approved. Check out my Carets review here for all the details.

Conker Shoes zero drop dress shoes made in the UK

Conker Shoes (UK) – Sizes UK 1-13. Available in narrow, regular, and wide widths. Have not tried them yet myself, but have heard good things about the quality and durability.

The Drifter Leather custom barefoot dress shoes

The Drifter Leather (EU) – Custom and standard sizes up to EU 49. Lots of great men’s styles! They only open for orders about every 6 weeks and there will be an extensive wait time. Read my ordering guide for more info.

Freet Citee barefoot dress shoes for kids in black

Freet Citee (UK) – Sizes EU 37-49. Vegan. Get 15% off with my code AnyaFreet10. These run a little small, Justin needed to size up one for a good fit. But they have a wide toe box, and are one of the only vegan barefoot dress shoe options.

Gaucho Ninja barefoot lace up dress shoes

Gaucho Ninja Leather (UK) – Sizes 36-45. This small business custom makes men’s barefoot boots, and some of the styles are very classy and dressy (and quite expensive). You can see my review of Gaucho Ninja’s standard and bespoke options here. Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 10% off!

Green Shoes handmade dress shoes

Green Shoes (UK) – Sizes UK 5-12 in four widths. These are handmade and super high quality barefoot dress shoes!

Jenon Leather barefoot dress shoes

Jenon Leather (EU & USA only) – Sizes 36-48 and custom sizes available. This brand has a very generous toe box width.

Read my Jenon Leather Review here

Joe Nimble dress shoes in black leather

Baer Shoes (EU) – Sizes EU 39-47. Well made shoes with a good fit!

Luks Shoes lace up leather dress shoes

Luks Shoes (EU) – Sizes EU 42-46. Very soft, light and with a very wide toe box. In recent years it seems that shipping can take a VERY long time, but the shoes remain nice.

Close up angled view of the soft gray leather on Magical Shoes Cameron loafer oxford barefoot dress shoes for men and women

Magical Shoes (EU) – Sizes EU 37-47. I have several pairs of Magical Shoes and they are extremely flexible and comfortable. I do size up one in them, because they run a little short. Use code ANYA for 10% off. Read all our Magical Shoes reviews here.

Front top down view of Nons Oxfords in black with tan laces being worn by a person with wide feet.

No(N)s (EU) – Sizes EU 37-44. These are all handmade to order, read our NoNs review for more info!

Oaka Studio knit mens dress shoe zero drop sole with faux heel

Oaka Studio (US) – Sizes US Mens 8-13. These have a stretchy knit upper material paired with a really flexible outsole and a faux heel. They are slightly wider than traditional dress shoes, but on the narrower side compared to other barefoot brands.

A close up side view of a man's feet wearing Peerko Smart men's barefoot dress shoes oxfords in brown

Peerko Smart (EU) – Sizes EU 37-43. Very well made and classy! They are one of my favorites for barefoot shoes that look mainstream. Too bad they only go up to a size 43!

You can use code ANYASREVIEWS10 for 10% off, but they do not accept returns outside the EU. That’s why we carry these at Anya’s Shop.

Prime Trotter custom handmade dress shoes

Prime Trotter (EU) – Sizes EU 39-50. These are some really nice handmade barefoot dress shoes, customized to your measurements. Zero drop and on a Vibram outsole.

Ruth Emily davey handmade dress shoes

Ruth Emily Davey (UK) – Custom and standard sizes UK 2-12. Beautifully made, but $$$.

Saguaro affordable barefoot dress shoes in black

Saguaro – Sizes EU 36-46. Affordable non-leather option. Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 15% off

Senmotic business dress shoes

Senmotic (EU) – Sizes EU 36-4. Their business line looks very professional and classy. Some customization options are available, i.e. different sizes and widths for L/R.

Close up photo of Shamma Wilder Boot unisex dress ankle boot in brown leather with wide toe box

Shamma (US) – Sizes US Mens 5-14.5. The Wilder Boot from Shamma comes in black and brown leather with 3 different sole options to fit your needs. Just note that these are only available in the fall/winter season.

Use code ANYASREVIEWS2023 for 10% off

New Softstar Shoes oxfords, the Taylor wingtip brogue in brown is on the floor with a man putting his foot into one

Softstar Shoes (US) – Sizes 5U-15U. Softstar has one dressy men’s barefoot shoe – the Hawthorne – which has a slightly tapered toe box in regular width, but is foot friendly in Wide. They also have the Primal Sawyer, and extremely wide shoe, which can pass as a dressy shoe. Read all my Softstar reviews here!

Sole Runner barefoot dress shoes

Sole Runner (EU) – Sizes EU 36-49. Quite a few nice looking men’s dress shoes! They are good quality as well.

Tadeevo mens barefoot dress shoes

Tadeevo (EU) – Sizes EU 35-47. Leather or Vegan. This brand has several dressy barefoot shoe options, and they are very flexible and wide. This brand is a good one for really high volume feet. You can use code ANYASREVIEWS for 5% off

Tomás Sullivent mens zero drop dress shoes with a wide toe box

Tomás Sullivent (US) – Sizes EU 39-48. High quality men’s leather dress shoes (faux heel). Can be re-soled and last for years!

Zaqq barefoot dress shoes

Zaqq (EU) – Sizes UK 4-15. Zaqq has an astounding number of men’s barefoot dress shoe options and they all look amazing! They are zero drop, with a faux heel, but the toe box is more tapered in the dress shoes than in their sneakers and boots.

Zeazoo barefoot dress shoes

Zeazoo (EU) – Sizes 35-47. Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 5% off. These barefoot dress shoes are handmade, very soft and unstructured. They look a little less formal than some of the other options listed here.

Zkama Shoes barefoot zero drop dress shoes

Zkama Shoes (EU) – Sizes 30-45. There are some simple barefoot derby styles you can get from this handmade shoe shop.

ZlaTush barefoot dress shoes for men

ZlaTush Shoes (EU) – Sizes 36-45. Zlatica hand makes a couple men’s barefoot dress shoe styles and she is very talented. I ordered women’s shoes, but you can read about the ordering process here.

And there you have it! Enough barefoot dress shoe options to keep anyone occupied for quite some time. 😀 If you can wear wide toe box, zero drop shoes 100% of the time, your back, hips, knees, and feet will thank you. What are your favorite barefoot dress shoes?

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47 thoughts on “The Best Barefoot Dress Shoes for Men”

  1. Hi, love your site. In the header picture at the top of this page, can you list the makers of those shoes? I see two that I would love to get more information on. Thank you!

    1. Hey! In order, left to right, top to bottom: Vivobarefoot Addis, Feelgrounds Lux, Barefoot Pals (color not available anymore) Carets, Freet Citee, Birchbury Bramford, Groundies Palermo (coming back next spring), Vivobarefoot Scott. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for the article! I am in search of a dress shoe and the Carets come *so* close to what I’m after, except for the sole. IMHO having a black rubber sole isn’t a dress shoe. Do you know of any that look like the Carets but which have leather soles, or at least half leather?

      1. Thank you! Unfortunately I need Carets and FeelBarefoot to have a child. Carets for the design and look, and FeelBarefoot for the leather sole. Maybe I need to get the Carets and see about having them resoled, but that seems a bit excessive. I will continue to search.

  3. What about The Last Shoemaker? Any chance you’ll be reviewing their minimal dress shoes in the future to see if they meet your criteria for being added to the list? They’re definitely more expensive, but to me they look the best aesthetically and offer a mirror shine finish for shoes needed for more formal occasions.

    1. I’ve talked with them about their shoes, I’m still not 100% sure how they fit into the minimalist world. I may try them at some point so I can share accurate info about, but not sure when.

  4. Help. My feet are very wide at the top half, no arch, and I log a lot of miles walking at work. I need the light bulb shape flared toe box but I am not concerned about zero drop or flexible sole design. Google these 3 styles: Keen PTC, Born Nigel and NAOT Eiger for examples. Is anyone aware of this shape with any other brands of mens shoes available in size 14? Casual, dress, walking or hiking styles. Thanks

  5. Hey Anya,
    This guide is really helpful, thanks! One issue I am finding is that I live in New Zealand and most of the shops don’t ship to my little country. Any ideas? The birchbury look beautiful and I would love a pair, but no luck getting them to NZ!

  6. Hi Anya! This article is exactly what I was hoping to find. I’m currently on the hunt for some dress shoes and just tried the Groundies Palermo in the new barefoot+ fit. Width wise they are fine but my feet are really flat so I have to tie them up very tight which in turn causes the material to crease quite a bit. Then I read your review of the Palermo and saw how Justin’s pair looked after some time. That’s really not how I want my dress shoes to look like 🙂 Can you recommend a certain brand for flat, wide and fan shaped feet with narrow heels. I was thinking about ahinsa and maybe be lenka.
    Keep up the great work, your blog really is a blessing 🙂

    1. Hi Jan! Actually that review of the Palermo is of an older version (it was written 2 1/2 years ago). The newest ones are not wrinkling like that, thankfully. Justin wore them to a wedding last week and they still look totally smooth! It sounds like you have low volume feet, so one option is to add an insole to fill up some of the space. I also like to use tongue pads in the upper. But to answer the question you actually asked 😀 Yes Ahinsa sounds like it would be a good fit. Be Lenka dress shoes are wide, but they are high volume so you might have the same issue with the creasing (unless you add an insole). Ahinsa seems like the best option for out of the box fit based on your description – most other men’s options that are extra wide are also high volume and roomy through the heel.

  7. I found your list while searching for a new pair of dress shoes for work, and this doesn’t seem to be much of a “best of” but rather “here’s a list of minimalist shoes, some of which I have an affiliate code for”. If it’s a “best of”, where’s the ranking? What are the relative merits of one over another?

    I’ve worn Lems and Vivos and both are “fine” but neither held up terribly well. The weak link for most men’s dress shoes seems to be where the upper meets the sole. Some guidance among the choices would really enhance this guide- and possibly drive a visitor towards a worth affiliate!

  8. Hi Anya. I think you should include The Last Shoemaker dress shoes in this list. Completely resoleable handmade shoes with zero drop. As far as I can tell the heel drop illusion is done by make the material in the forefoot thicker which reduces ground feel but it is all leather and still flexible. Maybe a less barefoot shoe but they look incredible and can be fixed by a regular cobbler!

  9. Which one of these shoes would you recommend for someone who works as a server in a high volume restaurant working 8-12 hours a day? Has to be all black and non-slip if possible. Great article and info! Thank you

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