Fashion, But Make It Barefoot – October 2021

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Fashion But Make it Barefoot style collage with barefoot shoes

‘Tis the season for boots! Barefoot boots that is, because once I discovered I could be cute and cozy without pinching my toes I was never going back to “regular” boots. In fact, I find that having lightweight, flexible barefoot boots is extra important when it’s cold out because I spend so much time in them! In this edition of Fashion, But Make It Barefoot I feature a few of my favorite barefoot boots and my trusty high heels replacement – the Shapen Poppy.

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Stylish Barefoot Alternatives to Popular Shoe Trends

1. Be Lenka Nevada

Side by side photo collage of two different women in very similar cabin-vibe outfits. The left woman is wearing narrow toe box heeled boots and the woman on the right is wearing foot shaped zero drop barefoot boots from Be Lenka - the Nevada.

Be Lenka Nevada | $205 | Leather | EU Sizes 33-47

Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 5% off directly from Be Lenka! Note that returns are only accepted from within the EU or USA.

Cabin feels! I am unplugging from technology this weekend and will be making very good use of my Be Lenka Barefoot boots, tea kettle, and a stack of books. *sigh* I will never not be twitterpated that shoes that are cute, practical, AND genuinely comfortable exist. So much is wrong in the world, but at least there’s that, right? And books – I’m always grateful for books too.

Collage showing how our bodies compensate for shoes with a heel by altering our alignment.

If you’ve wondered why I’m such a hard ass about zero drop shoes, check out the photo above for a demonstration of how the body has to compensate when your shoes aren’t totally flat. The bigger the heel, the greater the compensation – but even small heels force your alignment to change. #FoodForThought as you head into the weekend.

And finally, I just want to stress one more time that barefoot shoes don’t have to cost more than regular shoes – check out my list of Affordable Barefoot Shoes for natural footwear options that cost dollars.

Sending you all the good vibes!

Two photo collage comparing popular Timberland boots with foot healthy alternative Be Lenka Nevada zero drop boots. The Text over the Timberland boots reads "Boots that Last Forever" and the text over the Be Lenka boots reads "Feet that Last Forever and the boots do too!"

Fashion Inspiration photo from Es la Moda

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2. Peerko Empire

Side by side collage of tall lace up boots. The left image shows boots that are fashionable, and the right shows Peerko Empire tall lace up barefoot boots in Chestnut that are fashionable and functional

Peerko Empire | $265 | Leather | EU Sizes 37-45

Use code ANYASREVIEWS10 for 10% off directly from Peerko!

Unless you’re riding horses, that heel on your shoes is for fashion. If you want to feel sassy in high heels every once in a while for that special event or big boss meeting, I get that. You’ll probably be fine. But if you’re like me and want the best of everything all at once without sacrificing style OR comfort then PRAISE THE BAREFOOT SHOE GODS that we have options!!

Side by side image of the foot shaped toebox on Peerko Empire boots in chestnut versus the narrow bunion shaped toe box on most popular fashion boots

You’ll find many zero drop (totally flat) shoe options with a natural toe box shape for almost any occasion here at Anya’s Review and the Barefoot Shoe Finder (winter boots, dress shoes for men & women, everyday sneakers, work boots, etc), where I cover all brands all over the world! Helping you replace hurty shoes with better options that still make your heart go pitter patter is my happy place. Find yourself some boots that are ACTUALLY made for walking. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

If you’re in North America, you can shop stylish barefoot shoes at Anya’s Shop, where I am carrying these stunning Peerko boots in black (oh hey my goth friends) and the brown shown here. You can also order them directly from Peerko and use code ANYASREVIEWS10 for 10% off (linked above) or Happy Little Soles, both of which ship worldwide.

I shared sizing tips on these boots over at Anya’s Shop Instagram, check it out if you’re considering some!

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3. Vivobarefoot Fulham

Side by side collage of two different woman in similar outfits - maroon skirts and black leather jackets with black chelsea boots. The woman on the left is wearing pointy toed heeled boots that inhibit foot function. The woman on the right is wearing Vivobarefoot Fulham barefoot chelsea boots for fashion and function.

Vivobarefoot Fulham | $220 | Leather | US Sizes US W5.5-11.5/EU35-43

Use code ANYA20 for 20% off for 10% your Vivobarefoot purchase!

Click here for your nearest Vivobarefoot Retailer.

Healthy shoes are ugly whaaat?? It’s all about the confidence baby. Swap those uncomfortable boots on the left for foot-shaped shoes and no one will know the difference.

I’m wearing the Vivobarefoot Fulham boots, one of my fave dressy boots because they’re sleek and shiny!! In the photo below you can see me in the Fulhams on the left, and in the much wider Be Lenka Entice boots on the right. They work with the outfit pretty much exactly the same way! Y’all – we’re self-conscious but no one else is thinking a damn thing. And if they are… πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ who needs their approval anyway?

Side by side image of the same woman in the same outfit wearing two popular barefoot chelsea boots - Vivobarefoot Fulham on the left, and Be Lenka Entice on the right. They are both zero drop, foot shaped, and flexible!
Vivobarefoot Fulham (left) and Be Lenka Entice (right)

You can get 10% off the Vivobarefoot Fulham with code ANYA20 for 20% off, but stock is already dwindling. If you’re look at the wider option, you can get 5% off the Be Lenka Barefoot Entice with code ANYASREVIEWS (European shop, returns only accepted from within the EU or USA), or you can order from Anya’s Shop if you’re in North America.

They’re selling like hot cakes too! So if you’re looking for something and unable to find your size, I have a list of several more barefoot chelsea boot options in my Barefoot Chelsea Boots List.

Honestly, the lack of stock is the most frustrating thing about barefoot shoes right now! I don’t like feeling rushed when I shop, and I definitely don’t like sitting by my phone waiting for a restock notification. But we’re all a bunch of small businesses fighting an uphill battle with mainstream manufacturing during a global pandemic and a sudden increase in demand. It Sucks. I am happy though that more people are realizing that foot pain is not necessary!!! Let’s hope that next year brings more inventory πŸ€žπŸΌπŸ™

Fashion inspo photo source unknown

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4. Shapen Poppy

Side by Side photo collage ofAudrey Hepburn style, but remade with barefoot dressy flats - the Shapen Poppy in black

Shapen Poppy | $ | Leather | EU Sizes 36-43 (regular and wide options)

Use code ANYA5 to get 5% off directly from Shapen!

Happy Halloween! #ButMakeItBarefoot πŸŽƒ

Tag me in your Halloween costumes with barefoot shoes or no shoes and I’ll share them to my stories this weekend!

I’m wearing Shapen Barefoot Poppy sandals. You can use code ANYA5 to get 5% off the Shapen website. We also sell them at Anya’s Shop! You can read my full review of Shapen’s stylish barefoot shoes here.

Stay safe out there and have fun!

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8 thoughts on “Fashion, But Make It Barefoot – October 2021”

  1. Hey Anya! I love your blog posts and have followed you forever! I have a question on your opinion. I recently bought Adidas, having not purchased barefoot shoes for the last four years. I totally forgot that the quality is so different. The product is far superior, and costs much less than any of my barefoot shoes. Not to mention, the experience was better too. Whenever I purchase from minimal footwear folks it takes forever, hard to return, hard to make fashionable, and very expensive. Any thoughts on why you think this is?

    1. Hey Mad. My first thought is, which barefoot brands are you buying from? Since I understand what you’re saying, but I don’t think it’s true for all brands. However there definitely is a big difference overall between barefoot shoe brands and big established brands like Adidas, and I would say it comes down to 3 things: size, lack of funding, and difficulty getting established factories to make barefoot shoes. Good customer service and shipping is really quite expensive and takes manpower, so it’s hard for small brands to do it at the same level as the big ones. And of course the lack of start up money that defines most barefoot shoe brands makes it harder to get good systems in place from the beginning (every website/technological feature costs money, and boy does it add up). For the quality question, most of these shoemakers are passionate about the concept but aren’t designers and they can’t get good designers to work with them. And neither can they get the best shoemaking factories to make their shoes (again a cost issue, but also a volume issue – there are less barefoot shoes being made at a time). So that means they’re all learning as they go. I’ve seen some pretty janky barefoot shoes come through that were then improved slowly as the brand got more experience. I think we’re on the upswing! I wrote about some of this in the following article if you’re interested in hearing more:

  2. I bet you have TONS of fun dressing up and taking all those pics.

    Thanks for all the barefoot suggestions, sales and everything else.

    Good vibes to you too!

  3. Hi Anya,
    I was hoping you could please add to your review of the Peerko Empire boots. How is the shininess of the chestnut holding up? Thank you for all your info sharing!

    1. Hi Emily! The metallic sheen has held up great, and we’ve heard only good things in the community and from our Anya’s Shop customers who have them. The leather holds up well!

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