The Best Casual Barefoot Sneakers That Look Cool

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A row of casual barefoot sneakers sitting on concrete with a barefoot in the middle. Shown are the Vivobarefoot Geo Courts, the Mukishoes plum sneaker, the Feelgrounds Droptop, the Groundies Urban Barefootwear Sydney, the Be Lenka Prime, and the Bohempia Kolda

From Left to Right: Vivobarefoot Geo Court, Mukishoes Plum, Feelgrounds Droptop, Groundies Sydney, Be Lenka Prime, Bohempia Kolda

For me, the casual barefoot sneaker is a very specific category, distinct from barefoot athletic sneakers. Casual barefoot sneakers have to carefully straddle the line between sporty and streamlined, so you can wear them with all your casual outfits and not just exercise clothes. If it’s done right, they are some of the most practical shoes around.

I’ve been on the prowl for a barefoot approved casual sneaker in the vein of Ked’s, Sperry, or Van’s for a LONG time. Up until 2019 there just weren’t that many wide, flat, and flexible options. But brands have really stepped up (and popped up! Several of these brands didn’t exist before last year) so we all can pretty much have our pick.

The following guide covers all your barefoot casual sneaker needs, for both men and women. Read on for my Top Barefoot Sneaker Picks, A Full List of Casual Barefoot Sneakers, and Lists of White, Black, Hightop, and Slip-On Sneakers.

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For reference, I normally wear a Women’s US 6.5/7 or EU 37 in sneakers and do not wear socks with my shoes. If you do wear socks, try ones you can’t see, like these.

My Casual Barefoot Sneaker Picks

1. Vivobarefoot Geo Court

Vivobarefoot Geo Court casual barefoot sneakers review shown in black and white sitting on a wood deck.

My current favorite sneaker is the Vivobarefoot Geo Court (reviewed in detail here). I could wear these every day and I love them to pieces. Vivobarefoot shoes last forever, but they don’t breath really well and make your feet sweat. Otherwise, these are perfect. Leather, $150, men’s and women’s sizing (a vegan option is also available!) VBANYA10 gets you 10% off

2. Mukishoes

A pair of Mukishoes vegan casual barefoot sneakers in Plum color sitting on concrete

Mukishoes are simple, every day sneakers with a casual vibe. They always have a few neutral colors mixed in with some bright options that change seasonally. This year the mustard yellow Sol and deep burgundy Plum stole my heart and they’ve quickly become a favorite. Extremely flexible, lightweight, and so fun, Muki is a brand I expect to be coming back to. Read my full review of the Mukishoes Sol here. ANYAMUKI gets you 10% off any purchase.

3. Feelgrounds

3 left shoes sitting side by side: All Feelgrounds casual barefoot shoe brand: The vegan Original sneaker in black mesh, the Highrise in grey knit Cloud, the Droptop in black mesh.

Feelgrounds are reminiscent of skater shoes and edgier than the other options. They are so lightweight and flexible you forget you’re wearing them, but look very mainstream. They also have some good color combinations you don’t see often, like blush/white sole and black/white sole. Here you can read all my Feelgrounds reviews. Vegan, $120, Unisex sizing.

4. Be Lenka

Close up view of the Belenka Barefoot prime white casual barefoot sneaker on one foot and Belenka Eazy slip on in Sand on the other foot

Be Lenka makes the widest barefoot shoes that still have a mainstream look to them. The Prime and Eazy are two new favorites for me this year because they are so classic and still super wide. The Prime is a leather sneaker with a higher volume fit (I use an insole) and the Eazy is a vegan slip on with a low volume fit. If I am barefoot, I can wear both a 36 and a 37. If I wear socks I need the 37. International customers can order from Be Lenka with code ANYASREVIEWS for 5% off (returns are only accepted from within the EU and USA). You can order from Anya’s Shop and get 10% off by subscribing to emails!

Read my review of the Prime and Eazy here

5. Groundies Universe

Groundies Urban Barefootwear makes some of the absolute best looking barefoot shoes. The Universe is one of my faves with it’s on-point style, but the sole is still thin (the height is an illusion). I wear them just like I would an Adidas sneaker, and the styling possibilities are endless. I wear my typical barefoot sneaker size (an EU 37, or US 6.5) in them and have some room to spread out. Groundies is a German brand, and they offer free global shipping (upgrade to expedited shipping to avoid a long wait time). Conveniently, returns can now be made to a US address, and select styles are available at Anya’s Shop!

Find the Men’s Version here. Groundies also has a vegan Universe here.

Read my Instagram review of the Groundies Universe for more deets, or all my in-depth Groundies reviews here.

5. Zaqq

top down view of feet wearing Zaqq Piquant barefoot casual sneakers in grey on wood floor

The Zaqq Piquant is another super-durable but kind-of-sweaty sneaker. They are one of the few options made in lots of different colors, so that will tickle your fancy if you’re a colorful person (I, obviously, am not). Zaqq really nailed that classic, streamlined look with this sneaker and they are super versatile. Leather, $165, men’s and women’s sizing (vegan options on the website).

Read My Full Brand Review of Zaqq Barefoot Shoes in this post for more pics/deets on these sneakers.

6. Bohempia

A top down view of a pair of feet wear Bohempia barefoot vegan casual  sneakers, model Kolda in grey hemp.

Very similar to a classic Ked’s, these Bohempia sneakers are one of my favorites for looks. The aesthetic is simple, low profile, and matches everything. One of the cool things about Bohempia (besides the fact that the shoes are sustainably made from organic hemp) is that their barefoot shoes have an extra wide version! I got a size 36 regular, and they are a good width and length for me, the wide version is SUPER wide. They are high volume, so I had to put in an insole to keep my foot from sliding around. The sole feels about 5mm thick with average groundfeel. More deets here. ANYASREVIEWS gets you 10% off.

Bohempia is also available at Anya’s Shop!

The Complete Casual Barefoot Sneaker List

This list is of casual barefoot sneakers, that could be used for athletics if you wish but have a more mainstream look to them. If you are looking for athletic style sneakers, check out my Barefoot Running Shoes list!

All-White Barefoot Sneakers

All-white sneakers are my favorite casual barefoot sneaker style. I prefer leather (either genuine or vegan) because of how much easier it is to keep clean than fabric shoes.

All-Black Barefoot Sneakers

Fancy an all-black look? Here is a list of all the casual barefoot sneakers that come in all-black, for all your goth, grunge, skater needs.

Barefoot Hightop Sneakers

Bohempia Orik 2.0, bLifestyle Urban, and Feelgrounds Highrise

Barefoot high top sneakers, for people who like Converse but like their feet more! There are some legitimately cool barefoot high tops out there. My personal favorites are show above!

Barefoot Slip-on Sneakers

Casual Barefoot Sneaker Width Comparison

Curious which of the best casual barefoot sneakers will fit your foot type? Here is a visual comparison with external measurements (not to be used to determine your size) to show how their widths stack up.

Want to learn more about foot type and how to measure your feet? Read this post.

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33 thoughts on “The Best Casual Barefoot Sneakers That Look Cool”

  1. Thank you for this info! I have the feelgrounds, and I love the style, but the sole is a little too thin for me for hours of walking. I love the sole of my Xero Prios, but not the style so much. Do any of the style you reviewed have a more cushioned sole like the Prios?

    1. The Bohempia sneakers have a little thicker insole (I think it’s 7mm thick). Otherwise you could try adding a NorthSole insole. Those have worked really well for me.

  2. We just got Splay shoes for our kids. They’re much cuter in person than I expected, so I’m considering trying a pair. Could you share the width measurement of your 4y?

    1. I can try, but it’s hard to get internal width measurements when there is no insole. You’d get better info if you contacted Splay directly for the internal measurements.

  3. Not sure if they did at the time of this post, but Xero Prio has an all black sneaker. Great info, I love my Prios and LEMS Mariners! Shopping online is daunting, where I live none of these are in store, info on sizing and fit is helpful. Thank you.

  4. Wow thanks for the great reviews it really helps. I have a question. Out of those options which had the absolute widest toe box?

    And for convenience which of the above models offer free/low cost international shipping and returns?

    I know Zaqq is decent with their shipping/returns but Vivo doesn’t cover any returns. Which can create a pretty expensive gamble if a person doesn’t know exactly how it will fit.

    Thanks again!

    1. Where are you located? Vivobarefoot does free returns for the US, UK, and a few other countries. Wildling also does free returns. I believe Belenka is going to have the widest toe box of any on this list, but they don’t accept returns outside the EU right now (should be remedied soon though). So if you’re in the EU I’d recommend Belenka!

  5. How do Groundies fit size wise? I believe I am a 12.5 mens in the Lems Boulder boot leather as the 12 was a little small. I tried some size 12 in Vivo Primus FG trail and they were super tight. I typically wear 11.5-12 shoes but have foot issues with one foot being .5 size smaller and a joint issue. I have more of a Greek/Roman foot shape. Any info? Ordering overseas is a bit of a hassle if they are too small or big. I measured my feet. Left 27.5 cm and right 28.6 cm long. Thanks!

    1. Groundies seems true to size to me, I am wearing the same size in Groundies as I do in Vivobarefoot but the Groundies are slightly wider. I haven’t tried the Primus FG Trail, but in general the Primus runs small. Looking at Groundies’ size chart you would be a 12.5 or a 46, as long as you measured correctly. That gives you 1.5 cm in front of your toes on your longer foot and should leave you with enough space. If you went with a size 12, it would be less than 1cm in front of your longest foot. That might be preferable if you don’t want a ton of extra space in front of your shorter foot, but it’d be cutting it close for your long one. You might check Amazon in case they carry the Groundies style you are looking at!

      1. Hi Anya,
        I am so torn between the white leather Vivo Geos or the Groundies. Which would you choose style wise? I do have very wide feet.
        Thanks! Elle

        1. Oh I love both! If you have extra wide feet I would go with the men’s version of the Court if you choose those. But both are awesome!

          1. Chloe Sharratt

            Hi Anya, love your blog! Would you say the Bohemia’s standard have a wide toe box? I love the look of them but don’t want to look like a clown! I have such trouble with my bunions and wide toe box. Vivos apart from the opanka are too narrow! But I love the geo court style x

  6. Hi Anya! The shoe outlines with comparitive length and width are so helpful! I know you’ve mentioned on your blog that the width of the shoe generally refers to the toebox. Are you aware of any brands that tend to run narrower across the arch and heel? I have narrow feet and as much as I appreciate room to move my toes, minimal shoes tend to be too wide all around…

    1. Hi Rachel! That’s a tough one, because a lot of barefoot shoes are wide all around. But the Geo Courts and the Groundies Sydney are two that have a nice close fit around the ankle. Luks Shoes has an even wider toe box, but still keeps that narrow ankle.

  7. Very helpful post!
    One question on the Bohempia Kolda: Your outline shows a width of 10.5 cm in size 36, but their size chart shows 9.1 cm for regular width and 10.1 cm for wide. Is that because the size chart refers to the foot measurement?
    You write that the wide is very wide. Are your feet wide or mid-width? I’m trying to figure out whether to get a wide or a regular and this would be really helpful.

    1. The photo I show with measurements is of the outside of the shoe, so not useful for picking a size. Just for comparing one shoe to another. My feet are wide, but not extra wide. So I am only barely fitting into average width brands like Vivobarefoot, Mukishoes, and Xero Shoes (I have to wear them barefoot). But Bohempia regular width works for me.

  8. Thanks for this great overview! I got a pair of Bohemia. They look great and seem high quality, but I have the same issue like you: my feet are low volume, they slide around a bit, I got a blister on one foot and it feels there’s a lot of space around the mid top of my feet. I put in insoles, but now my toes don’t have a lot of space. Do you have any tips for this issue? Would a half-sole work better? Or some other cushions?

    1. I wouldn’t do a half insole, because then you’ve pushed your heels up higher than your toes. Instead, you might want to try a shoe tongue pad. It goes underneath the tongue and can keep your foot from sliding without raising up the whole foot.

  9. Hi Anya, I’m looking for some sneakers/ casual shoes that allows my toes to wiggle quite a bit, do you have any recommendations?

    1. Be Lenka and Peerko have toe boxes that are nice and wide! But Softstar Primal sneakers have the widest toe box I’ve seen.

  10. Hi!
    Love your blog and reviews.
    My heels blister very quickly and the vivo barefoot have a very hard heel cup.

    Do the Geo court and openka have a soft heel by any chance?
    Thank you!!!

    1. The Court was re-released with a softer heel area, but the Opanka is even softer and I think they would be a pretty safe choice if you blister easily.

    2. Hi Anya,
      Do you wear hidden socks with your low white sneakers? I bought a pair of the Be Lenka prime 2.0 and I’m having a hard time finding good low/hidden socks for them.

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Hi. I'm Anya.

Hi. I'm Anya.

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