Got Extra Wide Feet? Replace Your Winter Boots With These

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Collage photo cover showing four different stylish barefoot boots for wide feet. The center words read Shoe Swaps for Happy Feet Anya's Reviews dot com

It’s not easy out there if you don’t want your toes squished. And frankly most people completely miss the mark when it comes to the best shoes for wide feet. Fortunately there are a number of brands making shoes that actually fit wide where you need it, and they are pretty stylish to boot.

Check out the newest stylish & WIDE barefoot boots for fall 2023!

And you can find here all my previous shoe swaps for happier feet (this has been my favorite thing to do since 2018).

Swap Your Stylish Winter Boots for These Wide Toe Box Options

A collage of 4 different stylish wide barefoot boots shown on foot top down view to highlight the natural foot shape that is widest at the toes
These boots actually fit wide feet comfortably

Today we’re covering 4 new barefoot boots for wide feet that I am loving for this fall/winter season. But if you nothing catches your eye here, don’t worry – I’ve got more for you!

See below a few of my complete barefoot boot resources to guide you through the season.

But do they all have to be barefoot shoes?

Have wide feet but don’t want the full barefoot experience? While there are some good reasons why the best boots for wide feet often also have minimal soles, you don’t have to go full barefoot to enjoy them.

You can try the following:

Four photo collage of the same woman in four different outfits with four pairs of barefoot winter boots for wide feet. Shapen Lynx, Be Lenka Bliss, Lems Telluride, and Groundies Camden

Alright, let’s check out these stellar winter boots that won’t squish your toes!

Be Lenka Bliss

Side by side collage with Swap This pointing at a conventional lace up winter boot with fur tongue and elevated heel. For That is pointing to Be Lenka Bliss in light grey, a durable winter barefoot boot for extra wide feet

Leather & Fleece | Water-Resistant Membrane | Sizes EU 36-43

Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 5% off with Be Lenka. Or you can find these boots in the US at Anya’s Shop.

The Be Lenka Bliss is one of my personal favorite boots, they’re cute and easy to wear because the laces slide easily and the tongue opens up wide – which also means they can fit all foot volumes whether you have flat, low feet or high arches. And this new grey/taupe color is the perfect light neutral (but I also love the brown and black).

They are lined with fleece and not wool, so not as warm as some other options – discover all the warmest barefoot winter boots here – but they have a very generous, wide toe box and grippy outsole.

If you are familiar with the Be Lenka Bliss from last year, the 2023 version doesn’t have speed hooks at the top. Instead it is an actual eyelet for the lace to go through (so that the lace doesn’t fall off the hook).

Read all my Be Lenka Reviews here for more in-depth brand info.

Lems Telluride

Side by side collage of Swap This for That featuring off-white conventional Sorel boots with heeled sole swapped for Lems Telluride leather boots with faur fur lining.

Suede & Thermal Lining | Sizes US W6-M15

This new Lems boot is made on their widest sole shape and has a very generous toe box thanks to the moccasin-style top stitching (no squished toes from the sides or from above!). They have a pretty universal fit and I am always comfortable in them. But they will get dirty if you don’t protect the suede, so I recommend doing that before wearing them outside.

Lems is known for having minimalist shoes but with more cushion, so the Telluride is thicker than the other boots shown here. They have a removable insole and a thermal lining (faux fur is only around collar) and I recommend sizing up a half size.

I also love the Lems Chelsea boot, which comes in a waterproof option and is an excellent Blundstone replacement! They’re really great if you are new to barefoot shoes and just want to be comfortable this winter season.

Groundies Camden

Two photo collage showing Groundies Camden in Barefoot Plus width being worn instead of conventional chelsea boots with pointy toes. Swap This is pointing to the conventional shoes, and For That is pointing to the Groundies replacement.

Leather & Fleece | 2 Widths | Sizes EU 36-43

The Groundies Camden is a fashion forward chelsea boot with a tall shaft – very londonesque. And this year they come in Barefoot+ width, for extra wide feet. They are light, soft, and easy to pull on.

For how wide the toe box is, they are one of the best looking options out there. And they have a real barefoot feel with a very flexible sole. But note that the ankle opening is on the slim side – which is great for a sleek look but they might be too low volume for some people with thick feet and ankles.

Top Down view of Groundies Camden barefoot chelsea boots with a tall shaft and anatomical wide toe box. The left boot is black, the right is dark brown
Camden in Barefoot fit (left) and Barefoot+ fit (right)

My wide toes only just fit into their Barefoot fit, which already has a wider toe box than most “regular” pointy shoes. But I am also appreciating the extra space in the Barefoot+, which is several centimeters wider and a smidge longer than Barefoot fit.

Read all my Groundies Reviews here for more details!

Shapen Lynx

Side by side collage comparing conventional olive boots with tall thick heels comparison to zero drop Shapen Barefoot Lynx in olive with dark leather edge and wool fold over cuff and silver lace eyelets. Complete with wide toe box for warm winter barefoot style

Water Resistant Leather & Wool | Sizes EU 35-47

Use code ANYA5 for 5% off Shapen, but please note they don’t accept returns outside the EU. Alternatively, you can find Shapen at Anya’s Shop in the US.

Shapen has a bunch of awesome wide boots this year, but the Lynx is one of my favorites. The turn down collar looks equally chic on men and women. Somehow they manage to be both neutral and interesting at the same time!

These boots fit quite roomy and even with the thick wool lining I still wear my usual boot size. But they are so comfortable and easy to wear! The rubber toe guard will protect from scuffs, and the water resistant leather will keep you dry. They’re a great every day option.

Read my full Shapen Barefoot Fall Review here for all the details.

Cover image of a person wearing really cute Shapen Barefoot Lynx warm boots against a setting sun.

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13 thoughts on “Got Extra Wide Feet? Replace Your Winter Boots With These”

  1. Thank you for this article! I will be looking into Lems boots to go hiking soon! I am so glad I found your blog.

    I am not sure where the best place to get advice may be, but would it be possible for you to make another article about extra wide feet or recommend some extra wide shoe brands? I want to get sneakers and have had no luck finding any, I have feet length (with no socks) of 22cm and width 9.3cm. I own Lems primal 2 in size 5.5 that fit great (I am very grateful I found these on your website!) but I was looking into sneakers/everyday shoes. I saw Groundies Barefoot+ on a different post and they seem promising! I might order their smallest size (length:23.6cm width:9.3cm) and see how they fit. Are there any other shoes you might recommend? Thank you for your time. Apologies if this isn’t the right spot to ask for recommendations.

  2. This is a helpful post! I didn’t know Lems had more styles of shoes in the widest width. I am going to look into getting Boulder Summit Waterproof for hikes.

    I also wanted to ask if I could get advice on sneaker/casual shoe brands. My feet are size (with no socks) length: 22cm and width: 9.3cm. I found Groundies on a different post of yours and I think I will be getting a shoe in barefoot+ in their smallest size (length:23.6 and width:9.3) and hope they fit well! I currently own Lems Primal 2 in size 5.5 and they fit great. I am so glad I found your website. I have been looking for casual shoes that fit well with no luck and was hoping if you could give me any recommendations to check out. Thank you for your time. Apologies if this is not a good place to ask these questions.

    1. Hi there! I would suggest looking at Be Lenka’s boots as well – they go to a 36 and since they run small it fits more like a 35. So you should be able to find a quality, extra wide boot that fits from them too! Just note that the boots on the DeepGrip outsole are the ones that are extra wide.

    2. I also have super wide feet, and mine are mostly rectangular shaped, without a lot of horizontal curve at the arch, which means I need even wider width! Some sneakers that have worked for me are:

      Be Lenka Royale (size 36 is 9,5 x 23,1)
      Bohempia Sneakers, especially Herlik & Orik (size 36 is 23,1 and 9,1R, 9.9W) (love these)
      Groundies+ – the sizing of these has seemed kind of random to me, but they definitely have width!

      Based on my experience, sizes that are listed as 23,6 cm will probably be too long for you. Ymmv here though – I’ve been wearing much too long shoes most of my life, so if that’s the same for you it may not be as big a deal!

  3. Hi Anja, do you know if the winter 3.0 from Belenka are as wide as the bliss? Also for a comfortable fit with a thin socks would you recommend going one size or two sizes up?

  4. Mary-Lindsay Sherrill

    Hello! I ordered the Groundies barefoot plus Camden in the dark brown pictured here. And they are beautiful! I’m curious how the thin feeling leather has held up for you so far though? Toying with reselling them. But they are so stylish!

    1. I’ve not had an issue. In fact, all my Groundies shoes have worn really well despite being so soft. But you could use a spray protectant such as this one to protect the nubuck from scuffs – since nubuck is more delicate than finished leather.

  5. So I’ve purchased the Lems Telluride. I’ve on my tried them on. They feel so comfortable. They remind me of how my feet feel UGG boots. I will take your advice and protect the suede before wearing. Thank you for your reviews it’s been so helpful when deciding what footwear to try.

  6. Hi! Its good that you give these reviews of wide shoes. But my feet are even wider…
    My feet are 23 cm long and 10cm (or a little more) wide. My foot-tip is more like rectangular, not pointed. My first three toes are nearly the same lenght.

    Any suggestion what I could try?
    I tried realfoot, but it didnt work.

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Hi. I'm Anya.

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