FAQ Category: 2. Are They Right For Me?

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Can You Run In Barefoot Shoes?

Yes you can run in barefoot shoes, but if you are used to running in supportive maximalist shoes it may require a change in form

Who Shouldn’t Wear Barefoot Shoes?

Switching to unsupportive shoes with thin flexible soles can be a big change, and for some people it’s not advised to try it without professional/medical

Should Kids Wear Barefoot Shoes?

Keeping your kids’ feet healthy from the beginning is much easier than trying to correct a problem later, and most kids have no problem at

What If I’m a Senior/Older Adult?

Seniors can wear barefoot shoes too! In modern western society an idea has taken root that advancing years means declining abilities. But we have learned

What If I Hike/Run/Walk Long Distances?

Just like standing all day, hiking/running/walking long distances in barefoot shoes is fine if your feet are conditioned and prepared for it. But modern lifestyles

Will Barefoot Shoes Fix My Bunions?

For a long time it was believed that bunions were genetic and nothing could be done about them. But evidence increasingly shows that bunions might

Are Barefoot Shoes Right for Me?

Most otherwise healthy individuals are capable of transitioning to barefoot shoes. It might take time and supplemental training, but human bodies are highly adaptable and

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Hi. I'm Anya.

I first discovered barefoot shoes after a long history of foot issues. By changing my footwear and strengthening my body I was able to completely transform my life. Anya’s Reviews is my way of sharing with the world that healthy feet are happy feet!

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