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DaVinci Barefoot Lapworth boot

Dress shoes are the most difficult category to find barefoot friendly. Earlier this year I put together the Women’s Dress Shoe Roundup and the Women’s Wedding Shoes list, but until now have not looked into options for men. Just like women, there are many men out there in need of a shoe to wear to work, weddings, or church without sticking out like a sore thumb. Amazingly, shoemakers are rising to the challenge and just in the last year alone several new styles have been developed.

Many options on this list are even dressy enough for black tie event, but not all will be. If you know of more to add to this list, let me know!

Zaqq – Zaqq has an astounding number of men’s dress shoe options and they all look amazing!

Vivobarefoot – The Gobi and Ra are very professional looking

Sole Runner has a number of really nice looking men’s shoes!

The Drifter Leather – Lots of great men’s styles! But ordering is difficult and there will be an extensive wait time. See my post here for more info.

DaVinci Barefoot – They have a killer men’s line. My husband has a pair and they are beautiful, but $$$

Carets – Beautiful shoes, very dressy. But again with the $$$

Gaucho Ninja Leather – This Etsy shop custom makes men’s boots, and some of the styles are very classy and dressy. Prices are up there, but you are getting custom.

Softstar Shoes – Softstar has one dressy men’s shoe – the Hawthorne. They just released the Sawyer, which can pass as a dressy shoe but is on the casual side.

Xero Shoes – They have two dressy options to choose from, the Alston and the Coalton. IMO they are a little more casual than the above options.

Lems has a new Chukka boot (reviewed here) out that looks very nice, as well as their nine2five shoe.

Luks Shoes – Currently the Year Round Boot is the only style made in men’s sizing, but they have some other styles they’ll be adding soon that will be work appropriate.

Joe Nimble – International shoppers only can purchase directly from Joe Nimble. If you are in the US, you can purchase from Joe Nimble from Baer Shoes. They have a good selection of men’s dress shoes.

Tadeevo – They have a men’s derby, as well as lined winter boot that could be worn with slacks.

Belenka‘s shoes are unisex and cut like a traditional dress shoe. Most of the colors/prints aren’t really work appropriate, but if you chose black they’d look great with slacks. They also have winter boots that look dressy.

Hoss Handmade’s black oxford would look great with professional attire.

Magical Shoes has a men’s winter boot that looks professional.

Groundies Urban Barefootwear just released some Chukka styles for men that look like they would work very well with slacks.

Zeazoo, formally just a kid’s brand, now makes chukka style boots for men.

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  1. Fiona Reply ships Joe Nimble to the US. Expensive shipping fee– 40 euros per order (not per pair), but you get to deduct VAT.

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