The Best Barefoot Slip-Ons For People On The Go

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A photo collage of 12 different barefoot slip on shoes with the text "Barefoot Slip ons with Anya" written over the top

Hate tying laces? Me too. That’s why my barefoot slip-ons get worn more than any other style of shoe in my closet. They’re easy to put on and so comfortable! Read my picks for the all time best barefoot slip-on shoes, plus a full list of the options available.

Which Barefoot Slip-Ons Are Best For Me?

Barefoot slip-on shoes are a teensy bit trickier than barefoot lace up shoes because they don’t have any adjustability. Since we want our shoes to fit securely without flopping around, the volume of your foot will play an important role in how slip-ons fit.

In this article you’ll find a volume description for each barefoot slip-on to help you narrow your search.

I have a low volume foot, so I sometimes opt for the smaller size in slip-ons to make them fit securely. High volume feet can do the opposite, sizing up can give enough volume to make for a perfect fit. But this only works if the rest of the shoe still fits, so isn’t fool proof. Here are a few other fit hacks I use below!

My all time fave hack for shoes that are to voluminous is tongue pads – I always keep some on hand to stick on the underside of my slip-on shoes. They make it possible for me to wear even high volume slip-ons! Just be aware that they are semi-permanent and might leave residue once removed.

Unsure what type of foot you have? Here is an article that covers the different shapes, widths and volumes you might have.

And finally, measuring your feet and consulting the brand’s size chart is a best practice for ordering shoes. Learn how to correctly pick a shoe size here.

Make Any Shoe A Slip-On

Elastic laces can be swapped out on sneakers and boots to make almost any shoe a slip-on (check out my fave stylish barefoot sneakers here!). It’s a great hack if you want the look of a sneaker without the tying part. Here are a few places you can get elastic laces to go with your barefoot shoes.

  • Wildling – My personal favorite
  • Caterpy – Best for heavy duty use
  • Feelgrounds – Not recommended if you have low volume feet
  • Amazon – Tons of different options

Alright now let’s get to my top barefoot slip-on picks!

Click here to skip to the complete list of barefoot slip-ons.

All Around Best Barefoot Slip-Ons

The following are my all time fave casual barefoot slip-on shoes that I keep by the door and take with me on trips because they’re so good.

For dressy slip-on shoes, check the resources below:

Ok, Let’s get started!

Bohempia Velik

Top Down view on Regular width Bohempia barefoot hemp slip on sneakers in black

$122 | Hemp (Vegan) | Sizes EU 36-47 | Ships from EU or US

Use code ANYASREVIEWS to get 10% off Bohempia EU

The Velik 2.0 by Bohempia Barefoot is the one barefoot slip-on I can’t live without. As a religious Vans slip-on wearer (in a past life), these are the perfect replacement that look just as cool but give me lots more foot freedom. The fact that they are also sustainably made is icing on the cake.

Sizing & Fit Type:

  • They are true to size. I wear an EU 37.
  • These come with a removable insole and fit a medium to high volume foot best. I have low volume feet, so I use a tongue pad to make them fit without flopping.
  • They come in two widths: regular and wide. I am wearing regular, which fits average to wide feet best. Wide width is good for extra wide feet.

Wildling Slip-Ons

Wildling Kami Blue slip-on barefoot shoes made from hemp with the more flexible and minimal sole

$129 | Textile (Vegan) | Sizes EU 23-48 | Ships from EU

Who are we kidding, me narrow down my favorites to only one? Wildling Shoes is one of my all time favorite barefoot shoe brands, so naturally the slip-on version is also my favorite. Some models are made from an extremely breathable and light material called Washi paper (don’t worry, it’s not the kind of paper you’re thinking of). Others are a cotton-hemp blend that’s slightly more robust.

Sizing & Fit Type:

  • Wildling slip-ons fit looser than most of their other shoes, and I wear one size down
  • These slip-ons are cut lower on the foot so don’t actually go over your arch. That means they can work for both high and low arches.
  • They have a wide fit, but should also work for average width feet.

Learn more about this brand by reading my Wildling Shoes Reviews.

Feelgrounds Droptop

Side view of feelgrounds gray drop top slip ons

$100-$120 | Fabric or Faux Leather (Vegan) | Sizes EU 35-49 | Ships from EU

And the final barefoot slip-on that I simply couldn’t leave off is the Feelgrounds Droptop. I’ve been wearing these for a few years now, and they never fail. They’re super lightweight, but look cool and I can wear them with most outfits. They now come in 3 materials – mesh, knit, & faux leather. I prefer the mesh (knit is what is pictured above) because it is the most breathable and comfortable. The faux leather looks nicer, but they make my feet hot in the summer months (fine for autumn/spring though).

Sizing & Fit Type:

  • The Droptop runs true to size – I wear a 37
  • They are high volume, so I use either a tongue pad or an additional Feelgrounds cork insole.
  • The fit wide feet best, but could work for some average and extra wide feet.

Learn more about this brand by reading my in-depth Feelgrounds Review.

Best For Wide Feet

The following three options are in my opinion the best ones for extra wide feet. But there are several more good barefoot slip ons for wide feet in the list below!

Be Lenka Eazy & Bali

top down view of a person wearing Be Lenka Eazy Canvas slip ons, barefoot sole, extra wide toe box.

$140 | Leather or Canvas | Sizes EU 36-47 | Ships from EU or US

Be Lenka for sure has the best extra wide slip-ons – blending good style, quality materials, and barefoot features. In fact, the Eazy (shown above) is loved by people who don’t have an extra wide foot shape since it comes up high on the foot it will feel secure on many foot types! The Bali model (below) is lower cut and a great option for medium-high volume feet.

Be Lenka Bali low cut slip on canvas barefoot sneakers for extra wide feet

Sizing & Fit Type:

  • True to size – I wear a 37
  • They come with a removable insole. The Eazy fits low to medium volume feet best. High volume feet will do better in the lower cut Bali.
  • Extra wide forefoot, but they are bean shaped so if you have a square foot your pinkie might be squished.

Bohempia Velik Wide

Top down view of a pair of Bohempia Velik Barefoot slip on for extra wide feet

$122 | Hemp (Vegan) | Sizes EU 36-47 | Ships from EU or US

Use code ANYASREVIEWS to get 10% off Bohempia EU

My all time favorite slip-on sneaker also comes in a wide width! They are one of only a few barefoot slip-ons good for truly wide feet. Read my thoughts on this style above for the deets.

Sizing & Fit Type:

  • They are true to size. I wear an EU 37.
  • These come with a removable insole and fit a medium to high volume foot best. I have low volume feet, so I use a tongue pad to make them fit without flopping.
  • They come in two widths: regular and wide. I am wearing regular, which fits average to wide feet best. Wide width (pictured above) is good for extra wide feet.

Best Budget

Unshoes Terra Vida

a top down view of a pair of feet standing on green grass wearing Unshoes Terra Vidaa barefot slip-on shoes in natural hemp color

$76 After Coupon | Hemp (Vegan) | Sizes US Women’s 5 – Men’s 13 | Ships from US

Use code ANYA to get 10% off.

The Terra Vidas are one of the oldest pairs of shoes I have in my closet. The neutral color goes with everything and the hemp upper is soft and breathable – I just love them. They are very minimal, so you really feel the ground in the Terra Vidas. That can be a lot if you are new to barefoot shoes – to deal with this I wore them with a NorthSole insole for the first year. Now I love the extra thin sole!

Sizing & Fit Type:

  • Sizing is mostly true, but if in between I would go with the smaller size. They should feel snug at first because they will stretch.
  • Medium volume. If you have high volume feet you could easily size up (but remember they will stretch, so it’s ok if they’re just a bit snug at first.
  • They fit a wide foot best

Splay Freestyle Slip-On

A pair of feet standing on grass wearing Splay Shoes Freestyle SLip on barefoot sneakers in tan canvas

$62 After Coupon | Cotton (Vegan) | Sizes US Kid’s 8 – Men’s 13 | Ships from US

Use code ANYASREVIEWS to get 10% off.

The Freestyle Slip-On is a simple canvas sneaker at a cheaper price point than almost any other barefoot slip-on. They’re versatile, and come in the full range of sizes so the whole family can wear them. We also love the lace up Freestyle and the velcro Explore.

Sizing & Fit Type:

  • These run on the smaller size, size up if in between
  • They are low volume, so if you have high arches and want to try them I would size up again.
  • They fit people with average and wide toe splay, but are fan shaped so not ideal for straight feet.

Xero Aptos

Close up side view of Xero Aptos, a barefoot black canvas slip on.

$65 | Hemp (Vegan) | Sizes US Women’s 5 – Men’s 15 | Ships from US or EU

The Xero Aptos is another good option in a similar price range as the Splay Freestyle Slip-On, but a very different fit type. Whereas Splay is low volume and fan shaped, the Aptos is high volume and straight cut. They’re not ideal for my foot shape, but for the price they are a good shoe with good style.

Sizing & Fit Type:

  • True to size – I got a US women’s 6.5 but they’re a bit short and I need a 7 (my true size)
  • These are high volume shoes, and have a removable insole if needed.
  • The fit wide through the middle, but only average width at the toe box – that means these are good for wide straight feet
  • The Men’s version is wider than the Women’s, so choose that if you have extra wide/thick feet.

Best Transition

Not quite ready for the thin soles of barefoot shoes? Want a more cushioned option for long days on your feet? Here are some slip-ons that meet all other barefoot shoe requirements but have thicker soles.

Lems Drifter

Lems Drifter Zero Drop Slip on barefoot sneaker

$95 | Cotton & Microfiber (Vegan) | Sizes US Women’s 6 – Men’s 15 | Ships from US

The Lems Drifter is the only minimalist slip-on of it’s kind – they are zero drop and foot shaped, but have a 13mm stack height. This makes them a great choice for people who need/want a bit more cushion. You can also even replace the insole with your own orthotic/arch support if needed (you can read my thoughts on arch support here). They also have a collapsible heel, which is convenient for when you want to just slide into them.

Sizing & Fit Type:

  • These shoes run small, I am a full size bigger (refer to their size chart when ordering)
  • These shoes fit medium to high volume feet, and have a removable insole.
  • They are wide fitting, with a square shaped toe box. Good for straight feet.

Anatomic All In

anatomic barefoot slip ons affordable sneakers

€29 | Cotton & Polyester (Vegan) | Sizes EU 36-45 | Ships from EU

You can sometimes find them in stock at PedTerra in the US

Anatomic shoes have a classic slip-on sneaker look and a slightly thicker sole than most barefoot shoes. But they are still zero drop and have a good foot shape. The trickiest thing about them is ordering – they are often out of stock and the Anatomic website only ships to select countries in the EU. So I’d also recommend checking Tupsunupsu, an Estonian retailer, and Natural Movement, a Finnish retailer. They are trusted barefoot shoe shops that carry Anatomic shoes and ship worldwide.

Sizing & Fit Type:

  • Anatomic runs small, I recommend sizing up one.
  • They fit medium volume best, but have a removable insole so can work for high volume as well
  • They have a wide shape that works well for plateau shaped feet that are either fan shaped or straight.

Complete List of Barefoot Slip-Ons

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Here is a complete list of the casual barefoot slip-ons available with fit information for the ones I’ve tried.

Stock photo of Ahinsa vegan barefoot recycled textile slip-ons with zero drop sole

Ahinsa (EU) – Sizes EU 36-47. Low Volume, Extra Wide, Fan Shaped.

Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 10% off

anatomic barefoot slip ons affordable sneakers

Anatomic (EU) – Sizes EU 36-45. Medium Volume, Wide, Straight/Fan Hybrid.

Find your nearest Anatomic retailer here

US customers can find Anatomic at PedTerra and use code ANYASREVIEWS 10% off first order

A top down view of a pair of feet wearing Bearfoot Shoes Osos barefoot slip-on shoes in tan color

Bearfoot Athletics Osos (US) – Sizes US Men’s 3-16. High Volume, Extra Wide, Straight.

Use code ANYA10 for 10% off

Be Lenka Bali low cut slip on canvas barefoot sneakers for extra wide feet

Be Lenka (EU & US) – Sizes EU 36-47. Read all my Be Lenka reviews here! Returns only accepted within the EU & US. All Volumes (Eazy is lower, Bali is higher), Extra Wide, Straight/Fan Hybrid.

Code ANYASREVIEWS gets you 5% off from Be Lenka. Also also available at Anya’s Shop (US).

Top Down view on Regular width Bohempia barefoot hemp slip on sneakers in navy

Bohempia Vikla (EU & US) – Sizes EU 36-47 regular & wide. Medium to High Volume, Average to Wide or Extra Wide, Straight/Fan Hybrid.

Cose ANYASREVIEWS gets you 10% off direct, but you can also find Bohempia at Anya’s Shop!

bLifestyle Espadrilla slip on barefoot zero drop sneakers in navy

bLifestyle Espadrilla (EU) – Sizes EU 37-46. Vegan. Extra Wide, Straight/Fan Hybrid.

Butterfly Your World handmade shoes in multiple width options

Butterfly Your World (US) – Sizes US Womens 5-13 and available in 3 widths! The medium width works for my wide-ish feet, and they fit medium volume.

Code ANYA10 for 10% off

The Drifter Leather Top Down view of Slip on Sneakers in spice suede. Custom barefoot hand crafted shoes from Greece

The Drifter Leather (EU) – Sizes EU 36-46 standard or custom.

Everleigh Meadow handmade casual zero drop leather slip ons in nutmeg color

Everleigh Meadow (US) – Sizes US W6-11. 3 Width Options. Read my review here

Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 10% of

Front top view of Aintap Barefoot Feel plaid Loafers being worn with cut off black jeans

FeelBarefoot (EU) – Sizes US Women’s 3.5 – Men’s 15. Read my full review here! High Volume, Wide, & Straight.

Use code ANYA50 for an additional discount

Top down view of Feelgrounds drop tops in black - vegan barefoot shoes with anatomical foot shape.

Feelgrounds Droptop (EU) – Sizes US W5 – M15. Read my Feelgrounds review here. High Volume, Wide, Straight/Fan Hybrid.

Freet Talus 2 in red being worn in the grass. They are very flexible and wide barefoot slip on shoes.

Freet Talus or Tanga (UK) – Sizes EU 37-48. High Volume, Extra Wide, Straight/Fan Hybrid.

Use code AnyaFreet10 for 15% off

A top down view of a pair of feet standing on concrete wearing Groundx barefoot slip on shoes in clay suede

Groundz (US) – Sizes W6-11 & M8-14. High Volume, Extra Wide, Straight/Fan Hybrid.

Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 5% off

Leguano Stretchy slip on barefoot sneaker with zero drop sole

Leguano Scio (EU) – Sizes EU 36-47.

Lems Drifter Zero Drop Slip on barefoot sneaker

Lems Drifter (US) – Sizes US Women’s 6 – Men’s 15. High Volume, Extra Wide, Straight/Fan Hybrid.

Stock photo of blue Luks Shoes Fuego moccasins

Luks Shoes Fuego (EU) – Sizes EU 36-42. Low Volume, Extra Wide, Fan Shaped.

A close up angled view of a pair of Posh Panda leopard barefoot moccasins.

Posh Panda (CA) – Sizes US infant – Women’s 11. Medium Volume, Wide, Fan Shaped.

Read my Posh Panda review here

Top down view of Raum Goods casual suede slip ons with barefoot shape and zero drop sole

Raum Goods (US) – Sizes US W6-11 & M8-14. High Volume, Medium Width.

Stock image of Softstar Shoes Rogue slip on zero drop casual leather shoes

Softstar Shoes Rogue, Moc3 RunAmoc, Roo (US) – Sizes 5U-15U. Average Width.

A pair of feet standing on grass wearing Splay Shoes Freestyle SLip on barefoot sneakers in tan canvas

Splay Shoes Freestyle Slip-On (US) – Sizes US Kid’s 8 – Men’s 13. Low Volume, Wide, Fan Shaped.

Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 10% off. Read my Freestyle review here

a top down view of a pair of feet standing on green grass wearing Unshoes Terra Vidaa barefot slip-on shoes in natural hemp color

Unshoes Terra Vida (US) – Sizes US Women’s 5 – Men’s 13. Read my Terra Vida review here. Medium Volume, Wide, Fan Shaped.

Use code ANYA for 10% off

A top down view of a pair of feet standing on concrete wearing Wildling Shoes Saiga Barefoot slip on in green vegan material

Wildling Shoes (EU) – Sizes EU 23-48. Read my Spring 2022 Wildlings review here. Medium Volume, Wide, Fan/Straight Hybrid.

Close up side view of Xero Aptos, a barefoot black canvas slip on.

Xero Shoes Aptos (US & EU) – Sizes US Women’s 5 – Men’s 15 . See my Aptos review here. High Volume, Average Width, Straight.

If you live in the EU, find the Aptos at Xero Shoes EU

Close up angled view of Zeazoo Cheetah barefoot moccasin style loafers in navy. They are very lightweight and flexible.

Zeazoo Cheetah (EU) – Sizes EU 35-42. See my Cheetah review here. Low Volume, Average Width, Straight.


Your particular foot type will play a big role in which barefoot slip-ons are best for you, but there are so many options available you’re sure to find something you love and that fits well.

Want to dig deeper into the world of barefoot shoes? Start by exploring these extensive lists of shoes by category!

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26 thoughts on “The Best Barefoot Slip-Ons For People On The Go”

  1. I mentioned this on an older post but this is the better place for it concerning Splay slip-on shoes.

    I purchased 4 pairs of the Splay slip-on shoes in 4 different colors. I would agree with sizing up. They fit my feet true to size (9) and feel great, but after getting wet they are now too small and uncomfortable to wear.

    The light colors get dirty really easy. I tried to clean the blossom color and now I have weird yellowing on the shoes around the heels & toes. I would only buy black if I buy these again.

    Since spot cleaning didn’t work great, I tossed the Splay slip-ons into the washing machine on gentle and laid them out to dry over the air vents. Bad idea as they now feel too tight to wear & are uncomfortable. I have a pair that became wet from dew covered grass & I left them on the porch to dry while I was inside. Even those are now tight and uncomfortable. The shoes that have never gotten wet still fit comfortably.

    Had I ordered the Splay slip ons after reading this article I would have definitely sized up. I have 2 pairs that I can still wear comfortably, but the other 2 are just a pain now.

  2. Are any of these shoes “hands-free” or “step in”? Are there any step in shoes on the market that have a thin, stable (not necessarily zero drop) sole?

    My elderly father uses flip-flops around the house and I am very concerned about falls. I have tried to persuade him to go barefoot but he keeps forgetting. He is not going to use shoes that require effort to put on and take off (again, cognitive and physical decline are at play here).

    Do you (or anyone) have recommendations for some stable step in shoes? I see mainstream step in shoes for sale but they have thick, narrow soles that look so unstable to me. I’m hoping for something with a stable platform and ideally some ground-feel to help with fall prevention.

    This may be an impossible request.

    1. Hm, the Lems Drifter is a hands free shoe with the collapsible heel, but those ones have a thicker sole than a lot of the others. For ground feel, the Wildling slip ons are probably the most suitable for slipping on hands free without fuss because they have an open cut. It’s possible though he’ll end up stepping on the back heel portion instead of getting them all the way on. I don’t think there is a true step in shoe that has good ground feel unfortunately.

      1. I’m updating to say that I bought my dad the Lems Drifters shortly after my last comment. He loves them! They are a huge improvement over flip flops.

        Thank you so much for your help, Anya!

      2. If you’re still looking, Xero shoes has a couple options that are new this year. The Sunrise is a microfiber slip-on that is super thin and flexible. It is designed so you can either pull the back on over your heel or step on the heel to slide in.

        The Pagosa is the same design, but in a faux-wool fabric, so it’s a little warmer. Kind of a cross between a cooler-weather slip on or a slipper/house shoe.

        I also find their newer Kona much easier to slide on. It may not be quite “step-in”, but the opening is wider and the elastic is not tight.

    2. I have the Groundz slip ons, and I can actually step into them without using my hands. They’re the only pair I’ve found that works.

    3. Kinda late but if he likes flip flops then I would recommend croc flip flops. They hug your foot and I used to run in them. I feel like they have good traction.

  3. Some of these shoes look quite big on you, kind of floppy around the top. Particularly, Wilding and Groundz.

    I’m currently trying/buying/returning Groundz and Raum, and having a hard time finding ones to fit. A larger size is loose in the heel, and floppy at the top. The smaller size is schmushing my long second toe.

    It doesn’t help that neither company offers half sizes :(.

    Im determined to stick with natural materials and grounding shoes, so my options are limited.

    Are these slip-on type of shoes best to feel tighter or looser, even a little floppy? They are so dang expensive, I can’t make a mistake here.

    I might try to find custom moccasins, old fashioned one made of natural materials and add a grounding plug myself (though I’ve never done that), but I really don’t want to have to go that far.

    1. I have low volume feet and narrow heels, so I often have gaping on the sides of slip on shoes. The main thing to watch for is if the shoe flops around while you walk. This isn’t good for your gait. But I am able to make a lot of slip ons fit more securely with these fit hacks. Sometimes a tongue pad in the upper can make all the difference! Also keep in mind that fully leather shoes will stretch and mold, so they can be a little snug.

  4. I was wondering, is there a barefoot shoes brand, who makes espadrilles look a likes? Something in between a sandal and a slip on?
    With the rope look, without the high heels and de too torturing.

  5. Ashley VanDeZande

    Hello Anya,
    I’m searching for a slip on Wellington style barefoot leather work boot for my husband. Is this just not available at this point? Do you know of any brands that sells something like this?

  6. Hi Anya, could you tell me what the second shoe from the top left is in the cover picture? I didn’t see it in the article, but it looks like what I’m looking for.

  7. Hi Anya,

    I was originally going to order a pair from groundz but the color and size are sold out. I starting looking at Raum goods but I don’t want to settle on a shoe just for color. I think I have a straight wide mountain shaped foot med volume with rheumatoid arthritis. I have never worn barefoot shoes before but since my ra have given up a lot of uncomfortable shoes and been in Birkenstocks all summer. Also how do groundz and Raum goods compare with the Anya Yasemin loafer? Any recommendations would be appreciated for my 1st barefoot purchase!!! Thank you

    1. Hi Amy. All have a similar construction with a leather lining and insole. The biggest difference is going to be in Groundz – they have an extra wide shape so is better suited for extra wide feet compared to the others. Otherwise all have a pretty similar fit.

  8. Thank for your response and insight. I found your blog post on debunking the wide foot myth helpful because I always thought I had an opinion extremely wide foot but after ready realized it is just foot shaped! At my widest it is about 4 in or 10.1 cm. Is this considered wide or average in the barefoot shoe world? Thank you

    1. Hi Amy! It would depend on your foot length, since width increases along with length. If you had a foot that fit the length of a size 37 shoe (say 23cm long) then a 10.1cm width would be in my opinion an extra wide foot. If you wore a size 41 shoe then it’s not so wide.

  9. I’m wondering if there are any good barefoot/minimalist slip-on shoes that are also waterproof (or at least mostly water resistant; I’m not trying to like dunk my foot in a river, but being able to accidentally step in puddles or just walk through light snow on the ground without water seeping in through all the seams on the shoe is what I’m after)? I really love a lot of my Vibram Fivefingers, but I have never found a pair that was really actually water resistant between the toes, so I’ve given up on finding a pair of those that works for what I want now that I live in the mountains in Colorado with regular snow. I really value being able to slip on a pair of shoes without using my hands (I can do this with Vans slip-ons, have to squish the heel around a bit with my other foot but it’s possible, but then the fabric upper of Vans is abysmal in the rain, soaking instantly), but so many slip-ons are not designed with any kind of water-resistance in mind. I don’t really care about breathability because my feet generally run quite cold and don’t really get sweaty, especially with the cold climate up here.

  10. Hi Anya!

    Do you know of any good alternatives to Crocs shoes/clogs? I always used to love them for wearing around the house, working in the kitchen, etc. since they are so comfortable & easy to slip on and off, but mine are so old now, I am looking to get a new pair. However, I didn’t realize till today how expensive they’ve become, and TBH I feel like if I am going to spend the money, I’d rather invest in a shoe that is made out of good materials, will support my feet best, & that I like the look of, haha.

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Hi. I'm Anya.

I first discovered barefoot shoes after a long history of foot issues. By changing my footwear and strengthening my body I was able to completely transform my life. Anya’s Reviews is my way of sharing with the world that healthy feet are happy feet!

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