The All Time Best Barefoot and Minimalist Shoe Brands

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two people visible from the waist down are sitting on a wood floor and reaching towards a row of barefoot shoes from different brands with the text "The all time best barefoot and minimalist shoe brands, Anya's Reviews" written over it.
Your guide to the best barefoot shoes on the market.

We have been wearing and testing the best barefoot shoes from brands all over the world for years.

Below is a guide to what we consider to be the best tried-and-true barefoot shoe brands for every occasion and every member of the family – with all the info you need to determine if they’re a right fit for you.

The Best Barefoot Shoe Brands

Top down view of a person with one foot off and one foot wearing Peerko street in navy to show the wide anatomical toe box

Minimalist shoe brands are exploding worldwide as people are making a shift in their priorities. Instead of arch support and heel rise, people are reaching for flat, flexible, and spacious shoes that mimic the effects of being barefoot. But because barefoot shoes are still not readily available in stores, it can be hard to determine which are the best for your particular feet and lifestyle.

You’ll find here a synopsis of all the best barefoot shoe options with helpful sizing and ordering tips so you can easily pass on what won’t work for you and embrace your new sole mate πŸ˜‰

Are you new to barefoot shoes? Here are a few resources that might make shoe shopping easier:

And if you’d like to see a more complete list of barefoot shoe brands, please refer to my Barefoot Shoe Finder, where you can find over 150 options that meet healthy shoe requirements.

Now on to the all time best barefoot shoe brands, in no particular order.

Best All-Arounder Brands

The brands listed here reliably serve a wide range of needs in the barefoot shoe market – they are easy to access and make great shoes! For barefoot shoe brands with more niche offerings, check out the table of contents or scroll to the end.


Vivobarefoot collage for one of the all time best and most popular well known barefoot shoe brands. Adult sneakers, hiking outdoor shoes, boots, and stylish options for all ages

Sizes EU 20-49| Vegan Options | Ships from Various Locations

Use the code VBANYA10 for 10% off for 10% off


  • Shoes for the whole family
  • Extremely functional outdoor/sport options
  • Tons of styles
  • 100 day no-questions-asked return policy


  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t usually fit extra wide feet

Vivobarefoot is the original barefoot shoe brand for every occasion. They sell athletic, dressy, winter, and kid’s shoes, all of which are consistently durable and high quality. If you love to be outdoors, they make the most functional barefoot shoes for that hands down.

Vivobarefoot was one of the first ever barefoot shoe brands, and is still the most easily accessible around the world with generous shipping/return policies and many retailers. After testing several dozen different Vivobarefoot shoes in my family, they remain one of my all-time favorites. We carry a small selection of Vivobarefoot at Anya’s Shop (US), and you can find retailers all around the world in our Barefoot Shoe Finder.


  • True to size
  • Average width
  • Low to medium volume

While they do have some extra wide, high volume fitting shoes in their Made in Ethiopia line, Vivobarefoot fits an average width foot with a slim profile (low volume) best. That means if you have an extra thick foot, you’ll have better luck with some of the other brands in this list.

Read all my Vivobarefoot reviews here.

Be Lenka Barefoot

Be Lenka Barefoot four photo collage of the best barefoot and minimalist shoe brands showcasing a range of zero drop flexible extra wide shoes from Be Lenka Barefoot

Sizes EU 25-47 | Vegan Options | Ships from EU or US

Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 5% off


  • Shoes for the whole family
  • Durable & high quality
  • Tons of style & color options
  • Fits wide feet well


  • Returns not accepted outside EU & US if ordered directly from Be Lenka (but are accepted at Anya’s Shop)

Be Lenka Barefoot boasts some of the widest shoes out there in an impressive lineup of styles and tons of colors. They are one of the best places to find quality barefoot shoes for extra wide feet (if Vivobarefoot is too slim for your feet, this is where to check next).

We love that Be Lenka has consistently good quality and so many good options to choose from that work for a wide variety of occasions. We sell a lot of different Be Lenka shoes at Anya’s Shop in the US, which can help you save on shipping! And you can check our Discounted Seconds area for a deal.


  • True to size
  • Best for wide feet (sandals and ballet flats are a little slimmer). You can learn about the different Be Lenka sole types here.
  • Volume depends on the model, but generally medium to higher volume.

Currently Be Lenka only accepts returns from within the EU and USA. You can also find many Be Lenka styles at the following official retailers:

Read all my previous Be Lenka reviews here.

Xero Shoes

Xero Shoes Collage of 4 different affordable barefoot shoe styles including Gracie rain boots, Jessie sandals, athletic sneakers, and men's boots

Sizes US 12 Kid’s – 15 Men’s | Vegan Options | Ships from US or EU


  • Wide Variety
  • Durable sport shoes
  • Affordable options
  • 5,000 mile warranty


  • Can be wide on narrow heels
  • Limited dressy/stylish options

Xero Shoes is one of the largest barefoot shoe brands in the US with some of the best barefoot gym and running shoes you’ll find. But they also have boots, dress shoes, and casual sneakers for all your other activities. One of the nice things about Xero is they have several affordable options and regular sales, making them a great first brand to try.


If you have a foot that stays thick through the middle and heel this is a brand to consider. However, this can be problematic for people who have more fan-shaped (wide at the toes, narrow at the heels)

Read all my reviews of Xero Shoes here.

Wildling Shoes

A four photo collage of different Wildling Shoes, showing the range of styles for all seasons including toddler boots, lace up sneakers, and slips on made from the lightest materials with a very flexible sole. Wildling Shoes is one of the best all time barefoot shoes brands

Sizes EU 18-48 | Vegan Options | Ships from EU

Use code AWN_ANYA for a one-time free shipping offer


  • Shoes for the whole family
  • Very light & comfortable
  • Options for every season


  • No dressy options
  • Not as durable as other outdoor brands

Wildling Shoes are incredibly minimal and lightweight, they feel as close to being actually barefoot as it gets. But for how flexible and thin they are, they are surprisingly practical.

While it’s true that they are not as durable as other outdoor barefoot shoes, our Wildlings have held up really well as lifestyle shoes. They even have water resistant options, but we’ve found that water can come through if they get really soaked. So we don’t usually wear Wildlings in bad weather for long stretches of time.


  • Sizing varies by model & season – use the fit guide for each product
  • Generally fits average to wide feet (but some fit extra wide)
  • Square shape
  • High volume

Read my Wilding Shoes reviews for more info.


Feelgrounds Collage of four photos show seaside sandals, slip on drop top, court sneakers, and low top lace ups all made with vegan materials from one of the best barefoot shoe brands

Sizes EU 24-49 | All Vegan Options | Ships from EU


  • Shoes for the whole family
  • Universal fit
  • Look genuinely cool


  • No dressy or sport options
  • Mainly synthetic materials

Feelgrounds has done an excellent job of combining a universal shape with stylish designs. They fit wide feet without looking too clowny, but also can work on slimmer feet without being floppy. If you love Vans and classic sneakers, these are an excellent replacement.

I would love to see their sneakers made with a natural textile instead of synthetic for better comfort and breathability, but I still wear my Feelgrounds all the time.


Read my Feelgrounds reviews for more info.


Mukishoes Collage showing a range of kids and adults styles from one of the top barefoot shoe brands all made sustainably in Europe

Sizes EU 24-48 | Vegan Options | Ships from EU

Use code ANYAMUKI for 10% off


  • Shoes for the whole family
  • Sustainable manufacturing
  • Natural materials
  • Light and comfortable
  • Extra wide fit for kids


  • Limited inventory due to small batch production

Mukishoes makes fun and beautiful barefoot shoes with ethics and sustainability as a top priority. They are fully transparent about their sourcing and practices, so you can buy knowing you’re not hurting the earth. They are also very comfortable and soft, one of my favorites for a barefoot feel in a sneaker that looks more mainstream.

The biggest challenge is that they can sell out of popular styles quickly because they produce in small batches.


  • Mukishoes run true to size
  • Kids models – extra wide fit
  • Adult models – average width
  • High volume

We love the kids Mukishoes and they are one of our all time favorites for littles! But in the adult sizes some people with a wide toe splay find it’s not enough width there (they are similar in shape to Xero Shoes).

Read my Mukishoes reviews for more info.

Softstar Shoes

Softstar Shoes Best barefoot shoe brand all handmade in the USA with dress shoes, athletic shoes, kids and baby options, and hiking boots

Sizes US 2C – 15U |Vegan Options | Multiple Widths | Ships from US


  • Sustainably handmade in the USA
  • Customizations available
  • Several width options
  • Free Shipping
  • Resolable/Reparable


  • Top stitching can make shoes look wider than they are
  • Some style limitations (no classic sneakers)

Softstar shoes are handmade in Oregon from raw materials, with a full range of styles for all ages and occasions. Because of the many color options that you can customize your shoes with, Softstar is a favorite for picky customers (both kids and adults). The baby moccasins are one of our top picks for baby/toddler shoes. If you have a significant foot length discrepancy, they also are able to make shoes in two different sizes/fits because they are made to order.

Softstar also has a variety of grounding options, and shoes with one of the widest toe boxes I’ve ever seen on the Softstar Primal line!


  • In general true to size
  • Width and shape varies significantly between models, which they make clear on the website (just take the time to read through it)
  • Medium to high volume fit

Softstar uses unisex sizing, so you’ll want to make sure you use the sizing guide on each product listing.

Here you can read my Softstar reviews.


Sizes EU 37-45 | Vegan Options | Ships from EU

Use code ANYASREVIEWS10 for 10% off.


  • High quality
  • Great look
  • Fit wide feet without looking huge


  • No kids shoes
  • Returns outside the EU not accepted (unless you order from a retailer like Anya’s Shop)

Peerko makes lifestyle barefoot shoes that are extremely well loved by foot enthusiasts. They are beautiful, well-made, and have a universal fit type that works for a wide variety of feet. Somehow they fit wide but look sleek! They are a must have in my closet, particularly in the fall because they have incredible barefoot boots.

The biggest drawback is that they don’t accept returns outside the EU if you order directly from them. We try to help with that by carrying popular models at Anya’s Shop, but we don’t carry all of them.


  • True to size
  • Medium to wide
  • Medium to high volume

If you have shallow feet you might like to wear an insole with them as they have a lot of vertical space (good for people with upturned toe nails!).

Splay Shoes

Splay Shoes collage of four sneakers including kids velcro, adult leather and canvas lace up sneakers.

Sizes US Kids 8 – Men’s 13 | Vegan Options | Ships from US

Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 10% off


  • Affordable options
  • Classic look
  • Accessible velcro options
  • Shoes for the whole family


  • Have to be careful when washing (cold water only!!)

Splay Shoes makes classic sneaker styles for adults and kids that we’ve been wearing since they first debuted as a company. We love that they are an affordable option with a good anatomical toe box shape and flexible sole. They also have a nice all leather sneaker.

When it comes to durability in the Splay kids’ shoes, we’ve found that the colors fade a bit with heavy use and overall don’t last as long as the more expensive kids shoes. But, for the price we love them! Kids are hard on shoes, we don’t expect them to look flawless.


  • Runs a little bit small
  • Wide toe box, but slim through the midfoot and heel
  • Low to medium volume fit


Bohempia barefoot shoes, and all time best brand with two widths shown in a four photo collage of slip ons, low top lace up barefoot shoes, and high tops all on a flexible zero drop outsole with vegan hemp uppers

Sizes US Kids 8 – Men’s 13 | Vegan Options | Ships from EU

Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 10% off


  • Classic look
  • Two width options
  • Sustainably made from hemp
  • Fan favorite


  • Casual options only

Bohempia is loved for their classic sneaker styles but in a barefoot shape. And with their wide option, even people with extra wide feet get to enjoy them! I wear my Bohempia slip ons all the time to replace the Vans I used to wear (and that pinched my toes).

The upper is made of natural hemp and the outsole is vulcanized rubber – both long lasting materials. They are well loved by me and many barefoot enthusiasts! You can find select Bohempia styles at Anya’s Shop in the US for easier access too.


  • True to size
  • Two widths fit average to extra wide feet comfortably
  • Medium to high volume fit (removable insoles)

Read my Bohempia review for more details!


Freet Barefoot four photo collage of one of the best versatile affordable barefoot shoe brands for kids and adults showing casual and hiking options from Freet all on a flexible extra wide sole

Sizes EU 29-49 | Vegan Options | Ships from EU

Use code AnyaFreet10 for 10% off


  • Fit wide feet
  • Lots of practical options at a lower price
  • Different sole thicknesses


  • Most styles are casual

Freet makes functional outdoor barefoot shoes at a low price point. If you aren’t able to fit into Vivobarefoot shoes, Freet is a good alternative because they have a much roomier fit for wide feet. We also love that they sell a 6mm insole to add to your Freet shoes to give them a little bit more cushion.


  • Sizing can vary by model, but often runs a bit small
  • Fit wide feet with plenty of toe space
  • Fits medium to high volume best

Check out my Freet reviews here for more details!

Origo Shoes

All time best barefoot shoe brand Origo Shoes collage showing affordable and stylish Retro adult sneakers, gold kids shoes, women's Derby barefoot oxfords

Sizes US Kids 8 – Men’s 13 | Vegan Options | Ships from US

Use code ANYA for 10% off.


  • Great quality for the price
  • Mainstream styles
  • Affordable Options


  • The sneakers and oxfords need to be broken in

Origo Shoes makes a variety of classic styles for kids and adults at a more affordable price point than a lot of other brands. And they are high quality! We consider them to be a good brand to start out your barefoot journey in.

They are more stiff than a lot of barefoot shoes when brand new and the uppers takes some breaking in, but they soften up.


  • True to size
  • The sneakers are best for average width. The Derby fits a little bit wider.
  • Medium volume


Zeazoo, one of the best all time barefoot shoe brands for kids and adults. A collage featuring sandals, slip on shoes, and sheepskin Dingo boots all on a lightweight flexible anatomical shaped outsole

Sizes EU 16-47 | Vegan Options | Ships from EU

Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 10% off!


  • Tons of color options
  • Soft, comfortable fit
  • Excellent sandals + sheepskin boots
  • Accepts custom orders


  • Top-stitched shoes fit rather narrow

Zeazoo shoes are buttery soft and light, with endless color and style options. Their strongest points are their sandals and sheepskin boots, both for kids and adults (boots only go up to an EU 42 though). I wear my Dingo boots all through the winter – they are possibly the comfiest shoes I own!

I also love their loafer styles, but the other shoe models with a top stitch fit less universally and work best for fairly slim feet (they are also shallow over the toes).

You can find a selection of Zeazoo shoes available in the US at Anya’s Shop!


  • Tends to run long
  • Best for average feet and some wide feet – the Dingo boots and velcro sandals fit the widest.
  • Medium to high volume

Shapen Barefoot

Shapen collage showing the variety of dressy and casual styles from one of the best barefoot shoe brands for adults with extra dressy women's options

Sizes EU 35-47 | Vegan Options | Ships from EU

Use code ANYA5 for 5% off!


  • Great women’s dressy options
  • Multiple widths
  • Stylish shoes for people with extra wide feet


  • Dressy flats & oxfords need a break in time
  • Returns not accepted outside the EU (but are if ordered from Anya’s Shop)

Shapen makes my favorite women’s barefoot dress shoes, they are one of the best brands for people with extra wide feet who still want to get fancy!

They’ve recently added sneakers and boots to their offerings, so you can find options for the whole family. They are a great combination of style with healthy, barefoot shoe features.You can find a selection of Shapen shoes available in the US at Anya’s Shop!


  • Runs true to size mostly, but slightly big in the sandal & boot models
  • Most models best for wide feet, regular width option is good for average feet
  • Medium to high volume

Magical Shoes

A 4 photo collage of Magical Shoes, one of the all time best barefoot shoe brands for all ages, showing different baby, toddler, and adult styles for all seasons

Sizes EU 18 – 47 | Vegan Options | Ships from EU

Use code ANYA for 10% off.


  • Great baby/toddler shoes
  • Ultra flexible, soft fit
  • Options for all seasons and styles


  • Sneakers inner lining can feel rough for some people
  • Inconsistent sizing

We like Magical Shoes because they have a wide variety of styles and they are all uber soft and flexible. I’m a big fan of their Lupino chelsea boots, they’re so comfortable and it’s hard to find a classic chelsea style that soft. In fact, I love almost everything they make!

The only complaint I have is that the lining on the sneaker styles (Promenade and Explorer) is rough and I don’t love the way it feels. Oh, and the fact that the closed toed shoes run much smaller than the sandals.


  • Close toed shoes run quite small, but their adult sandals run big!
  • Wide straight fit
  • High volume

Magical Shoes works well for thick, chunky feet.


Groundies Barefootwear all time best barefoot shoe brands showing sneakers, flats, and dress shoes available in two widths on zero drop flexible outsoles

Sizes EU 36-47 | Vegan Options | 2 Widths | Ships from US or EU


  • Beautiful lifestyle shoes
  • Mainstream look
  • Tons of variety
  • Two width options


  • Not all styles come in all widths
  • Some outsoles fit less comfortably

Groundies has some of the most flexible minimalist shoes, all with incredible style and quality design. Their extra wide options ensure that even extra wide feet can enjoy these beautiful shoes! They consistently make some of my all time favorite barefoot shoes. We like this brand so much we started carrying it at Anya’s Shop!


  • True to size
  • 2 width options for average to extra wide feet (+ a 3rd that is pointy, so I don’t recommend it)
  • Volume varies by model, but in general is medium

You can read my in-depth Groundies reviews here.


PaperKrane collage of four colorful funky barefoot shoes for kids and adults

Sizes EU 16-45 | Leather or Textile | Ships from AU

Use code ANYASREVIEWS 10% off


  • The funkiest barefoot shoes you’ll find!
  • Shoes for the whole family
  • School uniform options


  • Some sizes often out of stock
  • Less common fit type

PaperKrane had to be mentioned for having the loudest, craziest barefoot shoes! And practical kids uniform shoes that aren’t exorbitantly expensive. They do small production runs, so sometimes it’s hard to find your size in the style you want, but if you’re on their email list you will be notified of when products launch. We love the color and pizazz they bring to the barefoot shoe world!


  • True to size
  • Fits slim, straight feet.
  • High volume


Tadeevo barefoot shoe collage showing adult dress shoes, athletic running shoes, and toddler shoes, all barefoot on super flexible soles with an extra wide high volume fit

Sizes EU 18-53 | Vegan Options | Ships from EU

Use code ANYASREVIEWS for 5% off!


  • Great for extra thick, high volume feet
  • Super flexible
  • Extended size range up to EU 53


  • Return shipping can be expensive

Tadeevo is a brand to consider if you have beefy feet that don’t work in slimmer barefoot shoes. They are extra wide all through the shoe and fit high volume, with plenty of space above your toes. They are also very flexible and comfortable.


  • True to size
  • Fits wide, straight feet.
  • High volume

Best Barefoot Sandal Brands

If you’re looking specifically for sandals, here are my top barefoot sandal brand recommendations!

a top down view of a pair of feet standing on rock wearing Shamma Warrior Sandals barefoot sandals for hiking, running, and walking

Shamma SandalsANYASREVIEWS2023 for 10% off.

Luna Sandals mono Winged barefoot sandals for hiking and walking

Luna Sandals – Use ANYASREVIEWS for 10% off

A close up view of a pair of feet wearing Earth Runners Barefoot earthing sandals in tribal print submerged in water with sunshine reflecting off

Earth Runners – Use ANYA for 10% off

For more options and details, click the link below where you will find the all time best barefoot sandal brands plus additional resources on dressy sandals, kids sandals, and anything else you need to know.

A photo collage of ten barefoot sandal brands - Earth Runners, Laboo Leather, Luna Sandals, Shamma Sandals, Paisley Running Sandals, Xero Shoes, Chala Sandals, Bedrock Sandals, Unshoes Footwear, and Deliberate Life Designs with the text "The 10 Best Barefoot Sandals - Anya's Reviews" superimposed

Best Kids’ Barefoot Shoes

Want this same barefoot shoe guide, but for kids’ shoes? You’re in luck, because we have an in-depth resource to help you navigate this world for your children.

Many of the “Best All-Arounder” brands are also some of the best kids barefoot shoe brands, but you’ll find kid-specific info and a few additional ones like:

A photo of a child's feet wearing kids barefoot shoes as they climb in a tree with the text "The Best Barefoot Shoes for Kids, Anya's Reviews"

Best Transition Barefoot Shoes

If you are looking for wide toe box, zero drop shoes but with a little bit of cushion – here is a few of the best brands that meet that criteria.

For more details, check my guide to the best beginner barefoot shoe brands below!

A man holding a Lems Chelsea waterproof barefoot zero drop minimalist boot in Espresso folded up to show its flexibility

Best Extra Wide Barefoot Shoes

If you are looking for the widest barefoot shoes out there because you got serious toe splay, here is a brand we haven’t mentioned yet.

Extra wide fan shaped fleece lined winter barefoot boots from Realfoot worn on snow ground. Black leather lace up barefoot boots with speed hooks, the model has the back foot flexed to show the flexible zero drop outsole

Realfoot – the widest barefoot shoe you’ll find! Use code ANYASREVIEWS10 for 10% off

For more details on Realfoot plus additional options, check my guide to the best extra wide barefoot shoe brands below!

A photo collage of 7 extra wide barefoot shoes next to an extra wide bare foot with the text "shoes for extra wide feet" written over it and "Anya's Reviews" in the corner

Best Vegan Barefoot Shoes

If you are looking for vegan barefoot shoes, fortunately there are quite a lot to choose from. You just have to know where to look! Here are a few of the best vegan barefoot shoe brands (in addition to the vegan options from the All-Arounders list):

A close up side view of a pair of Ahinsa Jaya Vegan barefoot flexible combat boots. The ties are doubled wrapped around the top of the boots.

AhinsaANYASREVIEWS for 10% off

Find even more options listed by category below!

close up of feet dangling in front of rock with earth runners vegan elemental sandals in tribal strap on

Best Custom Made-To-Order Brands

One of the nice things about barefoot shoemakers is they appreciate how impactful fit is. Here are the best custom barefoot shoe brands that will make shoes to order based on your unique foot measurements.

custom Barefoot Shoe brands cover text over an image containing shoes from Deliberate Life Designs, Drifter leather, Ela Faustus, and Gaucho Ninja

The artisan shoemakers below don’t make bespoke shoes based on your measurements, but they do offer customizations such as two different sized shoes, single shoes, and some fit modifications (strap length, shaft width).

Unshoes Footwear

4 Unshoes Footwear shoe styles, Saffron, Terra Vida, Kid's sandals, and adult running sandals

Sizes EU 21 – US Men’s 13 | Custom Options | Vegan Options | Ships from US

Get 10% off with code ANYA

Unshoes is a small business that has my heart. They hand make shoes for men, women, and children all with a natural foot shape and thin sole. Unshoes carries some of the most affordable barefoot sandals out there.

Here you can read all my Unshoes Reviews.

Crupon Sandals

Sizes EU 36-42 | Leather & Vegan Options | 2 Widths | Ships from EU

Use code ANYA to get 10% off

Crupon Sandals is a small operation with each pair handmade to order. They are some of my favorite stylish barefoot options! You can order the Nomade sandal, shown above, in an extra wide width, and they have a water friendly version too!

Learn more in our Crupon Sandals Review.

No(n)s Barefoot

Top down view of a foot with red toe socks on wearing a black and white leather saddle style barefoot shoe from NoNs

Sizes EU 35-48 | Leather | Ships from EU

No(n)s makes beautiful classic oxfords and boots with the options of brogue detailing and some customizations. They made me a pair of gorgeous tall lace up boots that I love – they are so comfortable and fit wide feet well.

Posh Panda

Posh Panda double buckle sandals with zero drop flexible outsole and optional heel strap

Sizes US Infant – Men’s 13 | Custom Options | Ships from CA

Posh Panda is a Canadian company that offers fun and comfy slip ons, lace ups, and my personal favorite – buckle sandals! You can customize them with all kinds of beautiful leather options, and they are incredibly soft.

Check out my Posh Panda reviews here.

Luks Shoes

Luks Cordelia barefoot slip ons moccasins handmade on a pair of feet standing on grass, with the left foot bare to show that the shoe is shaped like a natural foot

Sizes EU 35-48 | Leather | Ships from EU

Luks shoes are soft and very wide. Their moccasins are some of my favorite barefoot slip on shoes because they are buttery soft and comfortable. This shop does take a very long time to fulfill orders, so I would plan to wait for multiple months. But for some people, it’s worth it.

Still want more info about the best barefoot shoes?
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Here are just a few of our many barefoot shoe resources:

What barefoot shoe brand is your favorite? Comment below with your top picks!

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